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I called Rogers to make changes in my plan, but they said only my mom can do it because she is the owner, they offered me a suggestion for my mother to allow me to make the changes ... something about making me an account owner ? can someone tell me what to do ?


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Re: Changes

Your mom wild have to call in. She can ask them to set you up as someone who can make account changes, etc.
now she does have to be careful too. Anything you did call in for and change, if there is something like a contract tied with it, it would be binding, even if it was something she didn't want.

Not saying you would do anything bad :). But there is a reason that they have the owner as the main only one by default, just to make sure all changes are ok 🙂




Just wanted to also add here that the account holder can add you onto the account as an authorized user to make changes or discuss the account however certain account changes can only be done by the account holder.  If you would like to become the account holder, the existing account holder would need to provide permission for you to take over the line. Once the permission is noted, you would then need to contact customer care with 2 piece of id. A credit check would be performed and based on that you can move the phone line to your own account and become the account holder.  Also, you would need to be 18+ in order to activate an account with Rogers.