Changes to Digital TV Channel Packages?

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Re: Changes to Digital TV Channel Packages?

Nice to hear - sounds promising - I would guess that any new customer or anyone contacting to redo their existing packages in the last few days were not happy campers, and that not many orders were taken.  Probably lots of confusing, questions, frustrations, and people hanging up.


Glad someone came to their senses.



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Re: Changes to Digital TV Channel Packages?

Like others here, I too have noticed a return to sanity. For many channels that seemed to have been removed from the packages and others that were inexplicably added, the Website now shows the exact opposite of what it did a couple of days ago. One oddity I had noticed was that the Documentary Channel was listed as being part of Select and Popular, but not Premier. Now it is listed only in the Premier package. I guess one has to assume a glitch in the Website that now appears to be fixed. For now, I have to give rogers the benefit of the doubt and hope that this is not a possible future scenario. I can also take solace that I was able to get a bonus channel back in October and hope that rogers will still switch this to another channel if our needs change.