Cell phone Reception issues

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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

It isn't my phone. No one I know who uses Rogers can get cell service outside of using wifi in town. I use wifi in my home but as soon as I'm in the park, down the street, at foodland etc, it says no service. I know it says there is coverage but everyone in Beeton and Tottenham know they are dead zones. i want to know if there's actually any solutions in the works. I'm guessing there's not since you think I should have great service.

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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

I work at a Providence Healthcare/Fraser Health Authority office located off of 198a street and 86th avenue in Langley.


While in the building I tend to get between 1 and 4 bars of 3G but have absolutely no success opening up websites, using apps or pretty much anything using 3G.  It got so bad that I had to turn LTE off entirely because it was draining my battery being so sucky that it would flip back and forth hundreds of times a day.


The website coverage map shows this area should have "GOOD LTE service indoors and outdoors"

When I walk out the door and down to 198a connectivity goes to Edge, or to No Service.  its 2016 and this is a populated area, how can you get No Service?  Seriously.


Now some things that every single ticket I've opened with this issue inevitably bring up:


1) This is not an isolated issue.  This occurs for 3 generates of my personal iPhone as well as my Rogers issued Blackberry

2) This issue affects everyone at this building.

3) My hardware is fine

4) My hardware is fine

5) For the love of god stop blaming this on my phone.  

               When I leave the building and drive 10 blocks down 200th towards Willowbrook mall I end up at 3-4 bars LTE with beautiful racing speeds and stable connections.






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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

Good evening @Rolandmm


Thanks for your post & welcome to the Community Forums.


I can understand how frustrating it can be having connection issues, especially in this fast paced world we live in now.


As per our Network Coverage map, yes, you are correct, you should have great signal and benefit from LTE speeds within your region.


I understand you have opened several tickets in regard to this manner.  Next time you're online, please reach out to us, via PM @CommunityHelps, we'd like very much to look into this issue for you.


Our private messaging system is explained in this blog.



Any other users in the Community having similar problems as well?



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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

Not since I switched to Telus! 😛 😉

Sorry, I just had to 🙂

It's the same experience with my wife's Rogers phone in certain parts around here (Vaughan, ON). Rogers had years of a head-start to get their networks right, yet they allowed their largest competitors to over-take them in network coverage, speed, and quality. Glad I made the choice to switch carriers when I did...I don't regret it one bit.
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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

I hv no signal in my apartment on mcrae ave. it is so frustrated that I missed so many calls. Seriously I might change service provider.

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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

Hi @Westboroman,


Welcome to the Community!


Did you start experiencing reception issues just today or it's been on going for sometime? Is there anyone else in the Community living in the vicinity experiencing loss of reception?



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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

Since I moved in the apartment on mcrae ave by the end of july, delivery guys could not reach me n I need to rearrange several deliveries... Speechless...

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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

Hello again @Westboroman,


Do not forget to submit your feedback via NetworkAid!


NetworkAid is a self-serve tool that you can access via your MyRogers app or Rogers.com, to check for wireless outages and to report issues with wireless connectivity.


Access either DeviceAid or new NetworkAid from the Help & Support section of your MyRogers app.



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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

Poor signal but good with wind, why?


Usning a note 4 from Rogers store. Can anyone explain why my signal with rogers is poor at 108-129dBm and with WIND it's much better in the 80's dBm. Called tech support and they were of no use at all.


Just doesn' t make sense that WIND would be better. It's worse in my home and more consistent than wind outside the home but still poor.



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Resident Expert
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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

why does this surprise you? I'm sure in another location Rogers will have excellent reception and WIND will have terrible reception. This is just the way Cell Phone technology works, some locations will have better reception than other areas depending on how close you are to the tower. This is true for every cell phone carrier.