Cell phone Reception issues

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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

@toolcubed  I would have to agree with you in terms of network coverage areas and accessibility in public places.  I was in hospital the twice in the last two weeks in Oshawa, and in their buildings, a Rogers network phone is useless - fortunately, they have WIFI, so I switched over to my fongo number for calling people to let them know about cancelled appointments.


I don't have WIFI calling on my phone - maybe this is why WIFI calling is being pushed so much on new phones and more on Rogers than on the other providers in their advertising.


In my home, the Rogers tower that I connect to is about 2 km line of site, because the other two towers that are closer are blocked in our subdivision by the way our homes are designed and oriented.  There are no close line of site towers that support our neighbourhood from Rogers - never has been from day one.  I have to be careful walking around my home with my phone as I will drop signals. And yet, there are bell and telus towers in three directions from our neighbourhood.


Just an observation, I live with it.