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Cell Coverage in North Kanata

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Good Evening, 


I recently moved to Kanata Estates (north Kanata) and the coverage here is horrible.  Outdoors, I am getting 2-3 bars on edge at best, indoors I get no service to 1 bar edge...  if I go to the second floor window, it will get up to 1 bar 3G....


I have the issue on a iphone 5 and 5s.  We also have a bell iPhone 4, which gets 4 bars 3g indoor without much issue.  


I looked at the coverage map, and the area is shown as LTE/150mbs, so I am curious if this is a short term problem or a reality for my new place...


I checked online,  and there is apparantly 6 towers within 2-3 km of our house, so I would assume the coverage should be reasonable....  



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Re: Cell Coverage in North Kanata

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Never trust the Rogers cell coverage maps...or any other provider's maps for that matter. It's hit and miss with any provider, but from my own experience here in the greater Toronto area, Bell is generally better, even in areas where there are more or closer Rogers towers. Not sure why that's the case, but it must have something to do with the way the networks are implemented (e.g. Rogers cell sites may have smaller coverage radiuses compared to Bell). Give Rogers a call to see if there are any reported or known outages in your area. If service is just that poor, they should be able to do something for you.

Re: Cell Coverage in North Kanata

So much, can do with location, Line of Sight, obstructions, etc.

Most coverage maps, as Toolcubed said.. are not 100% trustworth. 
They are based on what COULD be the best range.  Tower is HERE.. it broadcasts on THIS frequency, which should go THIS far.
This is what gives you the potential coverage area.

Problem is... hills (in a verry up/down terrain area), buildings, etc can all reduce the area and block signals.

A PROPER map, would look like a HUMUNGUS pincussion with all the holes in it.

Re: Cell Coverage in North Kanata

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Signal was fine back in a few years ago, but started two years ago, the signal really dropped to 1 bar and no services, even outdoor.   The closest Rgoers tower is located behind Holiday Inn.   I have contacted Rogers last year and got replied that Rogers noticed the weak signal in Kanata Estates area and they're planning to install a tower in 2014, but I was on the phone with Rogers support last week again about a tower installation, they said that it's still in 2014 plan, but they don't have an ETA.   Redicuous, the agent on the phone said that the new  tower can be up in the next few days or another few years.  After many phone calls with Rogers tech and customer relations, they allow me to withdraw/cancel my contract without any penalties due to their POOR services.


Yes, Bell/Telus/Wind have good signals in Kanata Estates.

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