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Catalog Error #835MC and Random missing channels, New NEXTBox 3.0

I've Been Here Awhile

So,  picked this up today,  got it home  and the remote they gave me, didnt work,  SO back to Rogers PLus I go.


Got home finally,  box wouldnt authorize,  so,  on the phone for 40 mins to get it authorized.


5 Hours later, half my channels work,  half are just black, hald say i dont have them purchased and none,  not a single one of the On Demand systems work.  Also, I cannot search for anything, and cannot program any recordings.


Now  I would not be very upset about this except for 2 things.


1. I was told "Oh No problem  should be right as rain by the time you get home."

2. I apparently have to wait up to 24 HOURS for the system to recognize what its doing?
  24 HOURS?  last time I knew of a computer needing 24 hours to do something Im pretty sure it was the size of a Minibus.  WTH. 


So,  despite having the next couple days off,  and the NEWEST of the NEW tech,  its all borked to heck. and ill probably not get to watch anything I want to for my weekend.


Someone,  kindly remind me why i pay so much for cable?

If anyone wants me,  Ill be on NETFLIX



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Re: Catalog Error #835MC and Random missing channels, New NEXTBox 3.0

Tech here - noted this after many,many attempts to correct including changed boxes, zaps and customer calls. This change was then used and proved successful.
Rogers should pass on this information to their sub-contract techs. It would save a lot of time and inconvenience to its customers.

Re: Catalog Error #835MC and Random missing channels, New NEXTBox 3.0

I've Been Here Awhile


I'm hoping this helps others as I've been experiencing the dreaded On-Demand #835MC error code for over a year with no fix on the horizon, well except for a "We know there is an issue and a fix is in the works.." call to the CS reps.


I got the Nextbox 3.0 and On-Demand didn't work from day 1. I had 2 PVRs in my household and a regular HD Digital box. I had replaced the HD Digital box with the Nextbox but didn't deactivate the HD box (didn't think I had to - important to read below).


So talking with the rep yesterday we were brainstorming the On-Demand issue and he mentioned that I was on a grandfathered plan which may be the issue of On-Demand not working on the NEW NextBox (please note that On-Demand works on ALL the older digital boxes in my house).


Since I only had TVs connected to 3 outlets (my old PVRs and new NextBox 3) I told the rep to deactivate the regular HD box (which wasn't in use) to see if that would help (since I had 4 active units on my account but only needed 3). When I got home that evening...VOILA! On-Demand is now working on the NextBox 3.0!!!!


So to summarize (and hopefully this helps others), try these options:

  • On-Demand on the NextBox 3 MAY not work if you have more than 3 units on your account
  • If you have a regular HD box (and not in use) deactive it and see if that helps. Even if it is in use, get the rep to deactive it to see if On-Demand will work on the NextBox 3, and if it does, then the regular HD boxes are the issue (a part of).

Hope this helps.



Re: Catalog Error #835MC and Random missing channels, New NEXTBox 3.0

I've Been Here Awhile

I was also thinking that the error/issue could also be that I had 4 active digital boxes on my account BUT only 3 boxes connected. So IF the 4th digital box was connected to an outlet, and therefore receiving a signal to/from Rogers, the issue MAY not have happened.


This is not verified. But I thought I would post just in case some are thinking that they can only have a maximum of 3  digital boxes connected.


This would have to be tested to verify as well.



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