Carrier Settings Upgrade

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Re: Carrier Settings Upgrade

@MKnox wrote:
I haven’t done the update yet and currently have cell service where I didn’t before. Like, around the corner from my house vs. 2Km down the road. I’m on a prepaid plan with my iPhone 5. We gerally don’t have as wide a sevice area as monthly payers. My husband has a Blckbrry the carrier alao being Rogers through his work and he has service at our house. I’m assuming the smaller service area is to get more people over to monthly plans. I’m afraid if I do update the settings I’ll go back to my even smaller service area. Any thoughts?

There isn't any reason not to update the carrier settings. They are just the iOS equivalent of Androids APN settings.

I like to keep my devices on the latest firmware and carrier settings.



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Re: Carrier Settings Upgrade



I can't make or receive calls right now. I think it's because I didn't update my carrier settings... now that pop up won't come back! And when I go into my settings it says there are no updates available. 


Please help. 




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Re: Carrier Settings Upgrade

Hello @samanthasquire

Have you tried the following steps?

1). Remove the sim and turn off the phone. Enter the sim and turn back the phone. This might work.

2). Plugged it into iTunes and see if the update would come from there? Sometimes carrier updates MAY come from iTunes as well. It's a known workaround.

3). Backed up the device on iTunes and did a factory reset? Restore Everything and the update for the carrier should come.

Try those and see if they work. The next step would to contact Rogers and speak to their tech support. See if they can remotely push the update as well. Sometimes they can however some can't.