Captivate Search Button Fires off

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Captivate Search Button Fires off

I have a Samsung galaxy S Captivate (SGH-i896) I am having a strange issue where the search button randomly fires off.  A number of people i know also have this phone are experiencing the same issue.  In low coverage area it suddenly fires off the search button, it even triggers the voice search sometimes.   Resetting the phone does not help.  I know the Nexus S has identified the issue with them and a fix was released, but i am on a captivate and still waiting for the release of gingerbread.   Any hope for me or suggestions?


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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Captivate Search Button Fires off


thats the latest information on the gingerbread update for us. We were promised an update before the end of summer but that seems unlikely because summer ends on the 23rd at 9:00 GMT. so they have about 12 hours to release an update so we can remain hopeful but it is highly unlikely. 

I've Been Around
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Re: Captivate Search Button Fires off

Yeah ok, me too. So heres what I did and it has stopped completely for at least a week now!

Push search button, google search comes up.

Push options button, bottom left, goto search settings.

Goto Searchable Items.

Check eveything except samsung email.

Now back on out.


Thats all I did and I have been problem free since.

Try it. It might work for you too!