Cant get unlocked Torch 9800 to access my email accounts

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Cant get unlocked Torch 9800 to access my email accounts



I have recently bought a BB torch 9800 off ebay (from a reputable company), the phone is unlocked and guaranteed to work with Rogers. This phone replaces an existing torch 9800 that died on me after 1year 2months (yes I missed the warrenty by 2 months). this is the second phone that has gone on me in just over a year...the first was an HTC, but when I switched to the blackberry I must admit I love it (hence buying another one).


So I have a BB plan (as this phone replaces the exact same phone),  my phone says EDGE when I select 2G only, I have re-registered my phone with Host Routing Table, added (rogers-core-appl1.apn) to my apn settings, re-installed the software on the phone, deleted all my service books, tried to log onto the Rogers-BIS (where I am denied, and when I try to get my password sent to me using my PIN it says password was successfully sent to your device, but I never receive anything, nor on my email account that is connected), and I’ve tried a number of other things that I have found online, as well as advised by the Rogers Support personnel. I've done all this with the phone as I got it out of the box, as well as after restoring my data to the phone. Originally Rogers had convinced me that the phone was defective, so I sent it back and the company sent me a new phone, but I am having the exact same problem with this phone.

Any Help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. When I talk to Rogers Help, I get the felling that they don’t really want to help me because I didn’t buy the phone from them (one rep all but said this) One thing that I have noticed, is that when I log on to “My Rogers”, it used to show my phone as a Torch 9800, but now it just has a generic phone icon?...Could this be part of the problem?

Thanks In Advance



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Re: Cant get unlocked Torch 9800 to access my email accounts

its possible your handset pin not been released from the previous carrier. this is common problem for people who buy off ebay. you need to call rogers data and see if the pin is registered with your blackerry profile, you can easily do it by logging onto and if it gives you the option to switch device, then your good, if not, your seller would have to contact his old company and ask them to remove the pin from his blackberry profile

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Re: Cant get unlocked Torch 9800 to access my email accounts

Hi Pauly,

Thanks for your reply. I was able to get it working, so I thought I would post back, and let people know. Unfortunately I tried many things, and I don't know for sure what exactly it was that ended up working, but I will lay it out here, for others.

first of reload your blackberry OS as follows:


Step 1: Installing the Blackberry Desktop Manager

1) Click here to download Blackberry Desktop Manager 6. When prompted, select Save and save it in your Desktop.
3) Double-click on the file you saved to start the installer.
4) Choose your language and click OK.
5) Click Next on the InstallShield Wizard.
6) Select country or region then click Next.
7) Accept terms and conditions then click Next.
😎 Click Next on the second window again.
9) Choose setup as type Typical and then click Next
10) Select your email system

a) If you are using the Blackberry Internet Service (most users) select Integrate with a personal email account and click Next.
b) If you are using the Blackberry Enterprise server select Integrate with a work email account; and click Next. (Please contact your IT department / BES support for any further information on your enterprise mail configuration)

11) Uncheck Start the desktop manager automatically each time the computer starts; and Check for software updates
12) Click on Installand wait for the installation to complete.

Step 2: Installing BlackBerry Handheld Code

1) Go to (Choose province if prompted).
2) Choose (brand = blackberry) and (model = your model)
3) Under downloads select the most current handheld code available (example 4.2.2 is greater than 4.2.1 for your BlackBerry model.
4) Click on the corresponding version that is applicable to you and select Save and choose to download on your desktop.
5) Once the download is completed, double click on the saved file to run it.
6) Select your language and click OK
7) Click Next on the welcome screen.
😎 Select country or region.
9) Accept terms and conditions click Next
10) After installation click finish.
(Note: Desktop manager must be installed prior to the handheld code)


Step 3: Backup the data from your BlackBerry

1) Run the Blackberry Desktop Manager on your desktop computer.
2) Connect the old Blackberry device until DEVICE CONNECTED PIN: shows a pin number in the bottom left. (If prompted to upgrade the handheld, please click cancel).
3) Click on Backup and Restore button.
4) Click on Backup button.
5) Choose Desktop on the left and click on Save to save the Backup ( Year-Month-Day.ipd) file.

Step 4: Reload the operating system on your BlackBerry

To perform a clean installation of the BlackBerry Device Software, perform the following steps:
1) Connect the BlackBerry Smartphone to the computer.
2) Open Loader.exe


Windows 32 bit:

"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\Loader.exe"

Windows 64 bit:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\Loader.exe"

3) On the opening screen, Press next.
4) Your device PIN should appear, Hit next again

*** If for some reason your device PIN does not appear or it is freezing after hitting next, unplug your device, remove re-insert the battery, plug in your device again to a rear USB port (or a port nearest to the rear if laptop), run the Loader.exe again and try again. If it persists feel free to contact our live chat at so they can take a look***

5) You will see the device software listed for your device, the first two boxes should be checked and greyed out, this is normal (If you do not see those grey boxes you did not properly install the handheld software, perform step 2 again and contact our live chat if the problem persists)
6) Go through the list and select the applications you want to install then Hit Next, for the purposes of fixing software corruption try to limit your 3rd party apps

7) Select Do not automatically perform a backup. If a backup is possible, we already did one on step 3. If previously not possible, not selecting this option will simply attempt to perform a backup and crash the reload operation.
😎 Click Next

9) Hit the Advanced button, select the 2nd option “Erase all currently installed applications” (if these are greyed out this is fine, proceed), Hit Next

10) Select “Do not automatically back up and restore the device application data…”, Hit Next

11) Hit Finish

12) When the process has completed (30-60 minutes), the message The loading operation was successful will appear. Your device should work like new


Now once you have done this (assuming this didn't fix the problem, which it may have) call Rogers Data services (it seems that you might need to get a hold of the right person, as some are more helpful than others, so you might have to call back several times before you get someone willing to go that extra mile). Have them try to manually activate your email acounts from there will have to give them your email password (so you may want to change your password to a temporary password before you call). Have them sign you up for a new BIS account, for me they weren't able to send things to my phone, so they set-up the BIS account, and gave me a temporary password over the phone. log onto the Rogers BIS site ( with your new acount, For me this didn't work the first time, as it was unable to confirm my IMEI and PIN, but the next day it did work, and I was able to input and varify my own email accounts...worked like a charm!


Thanks to the Rogers people who assisted me




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Re: Cant get unlocked Torch 9800 to access my email accounts

I should have mentioned to go to blackberry app world on your computer and sign in with your blackberry ID (, once you log in, you can connect your phone, and it will ask you if you want to connect that phones PIN to your account. This will ensure that your phone is registered with the RIM server. I think this was a key step, as Rogers told me that they were unable to locate my phone when they log into the RIM server from their end.
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Re: Cant get unlocked Torch 9800 to access my email accounts

probaly the pin was associated with another carriers bis so it needed to be manually removed and entered into rogers bis, not to worry, this happens rarely but is easily fixable.

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Re: Can't get unlocked Torch 9800 to access my email accounts

Hi Pauly,


Again thanks for your reply. As I said, I am not sure exactly what worked, but just so you know, this was a brand new (never removed from the box phone), so it would be a little weird if it was connected to another companies BIS, but I don't discount this because of the reason below (which is more to help other people than to reply to you). Although I did buy this off eBay, it was from a very reputable company with top eBay credentials, and they worked very hard to get my phone working correctly. I think that you could be correct however, because one of the things that they state is that they will pre-set-up the phone for the T-mobile or AT&T network unless otherwise stated, and although I did tell them I was with Rogers Canada, I suspect that they might have set-up the phone anyway. Another potential issue that it could have been (which I discovered later, after looking into unlocked phones) is that if they are unlocked via a software program, it might not work fully, so some things might work, and others not. There are some companies out there that will re-unlock your phone for you, but they use actual codes from RIM, and also will place your PIN/ IMEI into the RIM server. These services cost a bit more than some of the other services out there, because they are charged every time they log into the RIM server. I did not try this service as I was able to eventually get it working with the help of Rogers, but I do wonder if perhaps my phone was not properly unlocked!?