Cannot watch live hockey from web

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Cannot watch live hockey from web


When I try to watch a live game, the screen initializes but then displays a screen that says 'select game' in the middle of the screen.  I cannot watch the game from my computer.  


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Re: Cannot watch live hockey from web

I am going to post in a number of places.


I can't log in to gamecenter on my desktop with my RogersID.  That is crazy.  I am seeing people report that logging in works in some places, not others, some times, not others - the Rogers folks are responding on the Boards that ask some questions (like will it be available on an ipad), but not a whisper on the chats where people are raising real technical problems.  Good stuff.


I was a longstanding gamecenter customer, but am now required to create a Rogers ID to access the same service that the NHL has been charging me for, automatically, every year.  I am supposed to trust Rogers when they tell me that the other account won't be automatically doing what it has always done, when I got no email to that effect anywhere?  Really?