Cannot update Credit Card Info re: PayGo

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Cannot update Credit Card Info re: PayGo

Want to update my credit card info so I can top up PayGo. Tried live chat and they gave me phone number to call. Numerous attempts at entering phone number and 4 digit code but no menu item deals with this topic. When I tried My Profile it wants my Rogers Account number which I do not have since all I have is PayGo and do not have account/invoice. Screen tells me I have no active account with Rogers??!! I am beyond frustration with Rogers.



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Re: Cannot update Credit Card Info re: PayGo

Most regular channels (live chat, etc) do not have access to the pay as you go system. They are almost a separate entity (allot of carriers are like this separating them)

Call the number back and just regardless of prompts, spam the 0... It will complain but eventually will transfer you to a live person

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Re: Cannot update Credit Card Info re: PayGo

You can always do it at a Rogers store. While you are there, get the $100 voucher. That's good for a year and rolls over if you renew before it expires. That works out to $9.41/month, including tax. I don't use my cellphone a lot, so I never use up my time before it expires and whenever I have well over $100 left at renewal time, I ask Rogers to take it from my balance, in effect getting a year for free.

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