Cannot send iMessage to multiple contacts

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Cannot send iMessage to multiple contacts

Hi all,


I am trying to send a text to two of my contacts (both have iPhones and both have been in a group text "chat" with me before), but I am unable to get my messages to deliver when I create a new message to them.


In the "New Message" screen, I type in their names which adds the contacts as recipients, but when I type and send a message to initiate the group conversation, the header in the conversation says "Text Message - Today 5:46PM", and the messages I send ALL come back as Not Delivered.


Is group iMessage something I need to "enable" in order to initiate one on my iPhone? I have been included in group iMessages before with multiple contacts with no problems.


Has anyone had this problem and found a solution?


My iPhone does not have any option related to group messages in Settings > Messages






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Re: Cannot send iMessage to multiple contacts

What model iPhone and what version of iOS are you using?