Cannot access On Demand and Super Channels

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Cannot access On Demand and Super Channels

Hi there, I have been unable to access any on demand or superchannels.  For On Demand, I cannot proceed to go into menu and for any Super Channels e.g..  SC1....SC2.... I receive a message stating "Tuning SC1" and then "This channel is currently not available".


Called Rogers and was told that signal is weak so will send technician.  I asked if they can remove these channels and then activate them again as this may help and was told, that will not resolve this issue.


I also informed them that there was a recent power outage but they did not believe this is the issue as well. 


Technician sent today, replaced all cables, tested all functionality and could not figure it out.   Said that this is a maintenance issue now and another technician will be sent out.  


While technician was testing today, I noticed IP address would appear and then disappear but they never checked to see if channel can be accessed when IP address appeared (while he was scrolling through the digital box menus).


Anyone else encounter such an issue and any suggestions as there is no point in paying for channels I cannot access.





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I've Been Around
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Re: Cannot access On Demand and Super Channels

Yes I continually recive same problem with ondemand service and certain higher channels.

I have ordered movies PAID FOR THEM then half way through it stops and I can not get access to them again.

That is a clear rip off!

I ahd this before the tech comes says weak signal not much he can do, well then why do you offer the service - for those lucky few who get to use it, no fix the darn thing stop giving me excuses!

If rogers does not fix this soon regardless of techinicains or other garbage excuses I am going to switich to bell!

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Cannot access On Demand and Super Channels

I would get another tech out.. you may have got a bad/lazy one

if there is a weak signal.. its the techs JOB to try and fix it. (and often that problem can be from weak signal)
There are things they CAN to to try and fix it. 

Replace splitters, etc in the house... install a power booster.  (they can not install new lines IN a house though).  They can even run a new line from the street to see if its the feed INTO the house.

Now, if all that is done, and there is STILL a weak signal.. say from the street, then they should be escalating it as its a different team that has to deal with it.
Street stuff though can take a little longer.. as its much harder do diagnose, as 90% of it is all burried.