Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

Yes, switching from username to email address sign-in broke things for me for a day, but many others have not yet recovered and Rogers can't help. I honestly don't see the purpose of the switch because your email address is not cast in stone, but there is no reason to change your username.

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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

I was never prompted to change - (apparently according to an internal  document - Rogers starting prompting people at first sign-in post November 18th or so to confirm their 'username' to an email address if not already an email address).  I was never prompted to change. (I actually don't mind either way) - but whatever they did it has totally broken my account.


Adding to this frustration though - some CSRs admit there is a known issue (and as a result refuse to open a ticket) - others say there isn't a problem and try standard troubleshooting questions (have you cleared your cookies, what kind of browser do you have, what happens when you login using another operating system, what do you see when you sign in.)


I am frustrated, sick of repeating everything EVERY time, sick of the re-explaining, and being required to follow the same troubleshooting over and over. I simply want my account to work, and I want to GET my bill and PAY my bill.


WHile I don't mind changing username to email (if that's what they want - but simply make it work then - my account is in a zombie limbo between states) - it does highlight a usability issue.

There doesn't seem to be anywhere in MyRogers that you can change your username email address - (which people will change over time).


I love Rogers technology and their wireless services. They do seem to struggle with these types of customer service and ecare challenges though.   (In 2011-12 - It took me 6-8 months to fix an ecare problem - my account had a weird non-rogers IMEI device [in Tab 'D', whatever that is I finally found out that was making myrogers blow up every time I signed on). For 6 months I couldn't access the web site - they kepy closing tickets, I'd keep opening tickets, I would have to call over and over. Finally escalated through a personal contact with one of their VPs in a related area.


Then they found and fixed the problem.


It's just so frustrating - right now I'm within 15 days of a hardware upgrade, and while I love Rogers service - I keep asking myself if it just simply wouldn't be less stress to go elsewhere and live with less than perfect wireless coverage (if it's good enough).





p.s. - there is still an error/bug on the web page on One-Number; despite repeated attempts by me and reports to Rogers - they don't acknowledge the issue or fix it. (They use the wrong code and algorithm to validate 'valid' email addresses as a contact email in Rogers One Number - dissallowing the use of the hypen character '-' in an email address. As many folks with hyphenated names know (me included) - a hyphen very much IS A VALID character in an email address.


Roger's just either doesn't understand the error, or simply doesn't care.





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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

btw - why is it they 'can't' or 'won't' help?


this part I don't understand.



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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

Is my problem fixed ? Oh no. Have I been on your chats and on the phone, yeah. Have I got anywhere, no.

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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details



After not being able to access my account for close to 4 weeks and getting help from Community Helps, they really are middle men and can't do much. My situation was given a case number weeks ago and it was escalated at least once. Absolutely nothing has changed over all that time. I seriously think that Rogers should assign one contact to work directly with customers who have problems. For example, they might get together via emails and/or on the phone. I think a lot gets lost in translation by having multiple people involved.

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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

I've done these sorts of migrations before. (IT Manager here)

Ideally everyone has one email and you migrate people over and 95% work fine, in say, a corporate environment.

Then you deal with the one-offs.


Not trying to defend this poor "migration project" but I'm afraid we're probably the 5%  who may have had multiple email accounts within the Rogers group of legacy site logins   (MyRogers,  Anywhere/Ondemand, CommunityForums)  

And they didn't have a plan in place to deal with the 5%...


Because I still have a "linking problem" to ONDEMAND  I can't access any of this on my Samsung S6

I probably sound ranty but like I've been saying,  you pay a fortune every month for these services.

Is it asking too much for it to work ?

aka "silentbob" (hoping to reclaim this again soon)
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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

So I think we all need to get together and take this to another level, media whatever it takes as a group, I can't take not being able to access my account and being told that someone is working on it and still nothing resolved weeks later. I have never seen anything like this before, everyone of us is just being punted along and we need to do something to get this resolved!


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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

After 24 years with Rogers - I'm going to have to cancel.

I just can't take the stress of having to phone in for upwards of an hour EVERY DAY with some problem or another.


It may mean having to settle for a network that isn't quite as good or fast. 😞 But my blood pressure will be lower.


They (someone from @CommunityHelps ) manually forced a change of my myrogers profile from the username hopetindall to my email address earlier today.


This didn't actually fix my problem - my BAN (Account) is linked but not linked in some kind of zombie status.  (it shows in device balance, but most of doesn't think it's linked - I still can't view my usage, account, or my bill that was issued 10 days ago!).


Now tonight I can't access Shomi because of what they did. Well - actually I can login to shomi with the new myrogers username (but of course not the old myrogers profile anymore) - but shomi (which treats me as authorized and subscribing/entitled to access shomi) treats me like a new customer and wants to create a profile - but won't accept my email address because it thinks there is already a shomi account with that email address.   And of course nobody can help. "This needs to be forwarded to back office support".  (Who have had this issue for a month now - getting slowly worse).  I just don't want to deal with this aggrevation day after day. It's just not worth it.  😞

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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

And now can't access rogers one number.


According to the helpful one number tech support person she is, "...getting lots of calls from customers with the same problem". "It is related to the change on, it's a known issue". 


Doesn't know when it will be fixed. Tells me I can't use rogersonenumber until it is fixed - no ETA.




this is so amazing that an imleementation can go so badly wrong.

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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

I have been having the same issue as well.  I clear may cache everytime I log out of my web's an automatic feature which I have set up.  I shut down my system after each usage.  


This is extremetly frustrating especially due to the fact that I just got off Live Chat and the agent told me that my case has been closed.  My issue hasn't even been resolved...WTG Rogers.....


Good Bye Rogers

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