Cancelling a spotify subscription

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Re: Cancelling a spotify subscription

Good afternoon, 


@pjbrown, may you please reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps so we can complete the request for you. Please Click Here for instructions on how to use our Private Messaging system.



@littletiggernat, welcome to the Community and thank you for your post. I know Spotify was a popular experience amongst our Share Everything customers. Since this was a free promotion from the very beginning, there were no monetary impacts to the wireless plans. Our wireless plans will continue to deliver great value with features such as Roam Like Home, Worry-Free Data Management, Stream Saver, and access to GamePlus in the MyRogers app.


Hope this helps Robot Happy.






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Re: Cancelling a spotify subscription

Problem with Spotify Subscription


Hello everyone,


I have an issue with Spotify and billing

A while ago I subscribed to Spotify(via a shared plan for 6 months) and after 2-3 months I went to the Rogers portal and cancelled it.

Last month a got my regular bill + 9.99 for Spotify, I immediately called Rogers support and after a while(Rogers tried to convinced me that I have to contact Spotify and deal with them. WHAT AND WHY???), I got a refund and was told that this is not going happen in future coz my subscription is not active.

This month I got the same issue (additional +9.99) I called again and this time Rogers is reluctant to do anything and insists that I have to deal with Spotify directly, which is nonsense!


I have neither subscription with Rogers

Rogers Portal



Nor with Spotify. Spotify support confirmed that my account is on a free tier and haven't had premium at all. Needless to say, they never charged money.


Please advise.




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Re: Cancelling a spotify subscription

Hey @veilofsun, how are you? I can certainly see how that would be frustrating, no one likes to see unexpected charges on their bill. 


We can look into this for you. In order for us to do that, you would need to send us a Private Message.


For more information on our private message system check out our blog.




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Re: Cancelling a spotify subscription

Hello I would like to cancel my Spotify account that I have through Rogers. I pay $9.99 per month but I do not want to anymore. Rogers does not have an unsubscribe button anymore and they told me to contact Spotify, but the Spotify website says that I need to talk to Rogers in order to get rid of it. Please advise me on how to proceed.

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Re: Cancelling a spotify subscription

Good evening @benwickham19,


Welcome to the Rogers Community. Thanks for your post!

I understand your desire to manage your Spotify subscription.


You should be able to cancel your subscription by accessing your MyRogers account on, at anytime before January 30, 2019 . You will still be able to enjoy your subscription until the end of your bill cycle date. At that point your subscription is converted to the free version.


From what you indicated, it seems like you're unable to do it via self-serve and Spotify Support is unable to further assist you. For that reason, we'd like to discuss this matter privately so we can take the necessary measures. Please, send a private message to our @CommunityHelps inbox. You can learn how to do so, here.