Cancelling Data - DECF

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Cancelling Data - DECF

Hi. I have a Nexus s on a family plan. Subsrcibed with a separate voice and data, and after 1 month, I realize that I don't need the data plan. Anytime I use it, I have access to wifi. So, if I cancel the data now, I know I will get charged the DECF of $100. I'm in Ontario...will there be some sort of charge for the phone because I got it at the subsidized rate? Do I have to keep the data for a certain period to avoid a claw back on the value of the phone?
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Cancelling Data - DECF

No you shouldn't have to. That is why the 100$ penalty is there for. If you cancel voice that would be an additional 400$.

But you wouldn't have to pay for service you didn't use. The penalties are there for the company to recover the cost of the phone.


You are probably wondering why you have to pay the 100 is because when they offer phones at a lower price they always add 99.99 with 3 year Voice + Data plan. Since you are eliminating the data, pay the 5$ a month for the remainder of your contract fee