Cancelling A La Carte Channels

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Cancelling A La Carte Channels

Just subscribed for TSN2 stand-alone for $7 with a plan of keeping it for a couple months for UFC and March Madness.

It's super easy to add online. 

However I wondering if when I am done with TSN2 at the end of March whether I can remove it from my package online as well. I searched around and it doesn't seem possibility.

Looking to avoid live chat as that takes up time waiting etc for something that seems like I should be able to do online.

Just wondering if someone can confirm I still have to reach an agent when the time comes.


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Re: Cancelling A La Carte Channels

Hello @jcat35,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 😃


I am a huge fan of self-serve options as well as it's so much more convenient than having to spend the time to reach out and speak with someone.


Currently, if you wanted to remove the channel from your subscriptions you'd need to reach out to us to have that processed for you. I am hoping this will change in the near future. Luckily, we have numerous channels for you to reach out to us, all of which can be found by visiting the Contact Us page on our website.


Feel free to send a Private Message to @CommunityHelps and we can remove the channel for you as well. If you are not familiar with our private messaging system please check out our Blog.




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Re: Cancelling A La Carte Channels

I can't believe this still isn't possible online, after many years of people asking this, with suggestions it will be coming soon.

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Re: Cancelling A La Carte Channels

Hello @nfitz,


Good to see you back in the Community :). I know how much more convenient self serve is than waiting on the phones. Feel free to reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps and it's just as good a way to skip the lines :).


Our private messaging system is explained in this blog.