Canadian, studying in the US

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Canadian, studying in the US

 Hoping to get some direction from those in the bb community, knowledgeable in using a smart phone in Canada and the US. My son (Canadian) will be leaving shortly to attend school in the States.  He is a bb Bold 9780 user, using BBM and texting a lot to keep in touch with his friends.  Over the next three years, he will be in the US, returning home for holidays and breaks, but spending approx 9 of the 12 months in the US. 


Ideally, he’d like to use his own Bold in both the US and Canada, keeping his PIN and BBM as is.  I’ve looked into Rogers’ “preferred rates” (Data - $10/month U.S Data Roaming Add-on and then pay $1/MB, Voice - $15/month U.S Voice Add-on and then pay .35/min).  This option looks like it will become VERY expensive, especially if I add in texting. 


Other options I’m considering are: 

A separate US phone – probably the cheapest, but it would mean he has to keep track of two phones, each with a set of BBM contacts and conversations. 


Trying to unlock his present phone and use a US-based SIM card in it when he’s in the States and his Rogers SIM while in Canada.  I’m not sure this is even a realistic option. 


Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated. 




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Re: Canadian, studying in the US

Unlocking the phone to a U.S. carrier would probably be the most economical solution.  Keep in mind that once a phone is no longer locked to a carrier, bye-bye goes the technical support from that carrier.  In addition, some U.S. carriers will not allow an unlocked phone to be used on their network.


The best idea is to call or otherwise contact a U.S. carrier to find out more.  Rogers uses a GSM network, so AT&T and T-Mobile would be compatible with it.



I hope that helps you.  🙂