Canada's Fasted and Most Reliable Network. I don't think so Tim...

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I'm a Trusted Enthusiast
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Canada's Fasted and Most Reliable Network. I don't think so Tim...

Talk about misleading advertising!


Sometimes it's so slow I can't even log onto a gaming server or browse the internet. It spends so much time connecting/waiting and I'm getting "server not found" messages , even using Google DNS. Then there's the frequent total disconnects even though according to my Hub I do have internet access.


Sometimes performance is quit satisfactory but recently it seems to be degrading.


Calling tech support is a 3/4 hour effort in futility because they simply won't admit the network is congested and overloaded. They rattle of the phrases "reboot, disconnect , must be defective".


Don't mind them advertising high speed  with caveat but it's definitely not Canada's fastest and most reliable network.


If it is , then god help us all because no one else can or will. CRTC borders on being next to totally useless as far as customer complaints are concerned. Customer satisfaction is not the mandate of the CRTC nor it appears , Rogers.  


Sign me..

Not a satisfied customer. Just waiting for Telus to put up the new tower this fall and thanking god I had the foresigtht NOT to sign a contract for my cell phone,.



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I'm a Trusted Enthusiast
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Re: Canada's Fasted and Most Reliable Network. I don't think so Tim...

it would appear that Rogers may have upgraded its towers to LTE, but the backbone... ie all the cellular conections have to hit a land based server to connect have not or were not upgraded... 


perhaps a rogers"whoever" could post some technical details to explain just how much and what was actually upgraded on the backbone end, to justify the speed increases... people need to know!

I'm an Advisor
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Re: Canada's Fasted and Most Reliable Network. I don't think so Tim...

Yeah, well, "...Fastest and Most Reliable Network..." indeed!


I am just an old guy who happens to have spent most of his life in the computer/IT industry.  Much of that time I was busy implementing, supporting, proposing, marketing, and selling network products and trying to put in place international standards for networks and communications technologies.


Building, managing and upgrading the Rogers network, cellular, cable, Internet is no small feat.  As Rogers customers we have to believe (pray?) that they (Rogers) have a significant technical staff in place to do all of that.  We also have to believe that given the management and financial resources, the Rogers technical staff would do a better job than the sum total to which our customer experiences currently add up.  Why???


I know computer types, and I know that as scientists, engineers and technologists they strive to provide the absolute best technological experience to us that they can.


So, all we can conclude is that Rogers executive management is consciously and deliberately drawing off the financial resources they need to adequately fund the services which we, the Rogers customers are owed based on contractual obligations and Rogers' marketing commitments.


I have to believe that the technology and tools are available that would allow Rogers to implement, support and manage its network effectively and to support its customers reasonably.


So where is the CRTC in all of this?  Need I ask?