Can you upgrade your current television package online?

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Can you upgrade your current television package online?

Hey guys,


So I currently have the digital plus package with Super Sports Pack as my current cable package. I currently have an HD cable box as well. I wanted to change my package to the HD VIP package and remove the Super Sports Pack. I was wondering if this is possible to do online or do I have to call or go in to a Rogers store to do this.


I tried a week or so ago to change my package but it always brings me to a screen where I have to set up an appointment and it makes me try to order a new cable box. I don't need a cable guy coming to my house as I figured they could just switch it on the backend. I hope I don't have to call Rogers as my last couple of experiences on the phone with them have been aweful as they have some over-the-top sales guy trying to push products on me that I don't want or need and is always trying to add stuff to my package that they claim are free but cost me on my bill.


Thanks for any help you can provide.



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Can you upgrade your current television package online?

I currently have Digital Basic and would like to upgrade to Digital Plus (and ONLY Plus, not VIP or anything else).  Is there a way to do that online?  I've been looking around the website for the past 45 minutes and haven't found a thing.

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Re: Upgrade Package

If you log into your Rogers account and go to the overview page, you should see a summary of your services with Rogers.  Under Cable TV, there is a link to "upgrade package". If this does not work, a simple phone call should do the trick.

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Re: Can you upgrade your current television package online?

You can change your package on-line. After logging into your Rogers account, you can click on "products and services" and then on "TV packages". From there you should see a link to "change package".  In your case however, you would be better off to call Rogers. While they will allow you to add to your package, Rogers will not allow you to cancel services on-line such as the Super Sports Pack. A phone call will allow you to both cancel the Super Sports Pack and upgrade to the HD VIP package.