Can you change plan mid contract?

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Can you change plan mid contract?

I'm nearing the end of my contract and I'm ready for a device upgrade.  I recently learned that I have access to cheaper rates through my professional association.  If I upgrade my device on my currently plan I only need to pay $49 for the device.  But if I switch I need to pay $249.

Is it possible to sign up with my current plan and get the device for the lower cost and then switch to the reduced rate at a later date?  Is there a minimum amount of time that you need to be on a plan before switching?



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Re: Can you change plan mid contract?


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The preferred pricing you get through your professional association can't be combined with your current plan. When you switch your account after purchasing the device there will be a fee based on the subsidy applied to the device.  




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Re: Can you change plan mid contract?

Just to expand on what RogersMoin said.

If you were to re-contract with your personal plans... the hardware subsidy, etc is based on the regular price plans.  It has to be one of these, and a certain $ value as well, to accomodate the hardware subsidy.

The other plan, likely wouldnt fit this, or be too low a $$ value (hence likely why the initial hardware cost is higher.

Generally, can you change your plan anytime durring the hardware term?
As long as it remains over the min $ value.  As well has to be the current same market plans, etc.