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Can you Bundle if you have outdated plans ?

I Plan to Stick Around



I currently only have 2 services with Rogers: Extreme Plus Internet (Only Plus cause i needed more Bandwidth) and Basic Cable + Combo Plus package.

I noticed that Rogers is now offering Unmetered Bandwdith for $10 if you Bundle, i currently have my Home phone with Bell but was thinking of switching over to rogers as their base packages (no features) are about the same.


So my hopes were to be able to transfer my number from Bell to Rogers, Downgrade my Internet from Extreme Plus to just Extreme, Add the $10 Unmetered Charge, and just have my Cable stay the same since i do not have digital.


But will Rogers allow me to have my old non offered Cable Package included in a bundle or will they force me to upgrade and pay $2.99 for a digital fee plus annother $4.99 for the SD Box Rental ?


I also see that if i do my bundle now i get a good saving for the first 6 months, after these 6 months are up am i able to change my plans to get the price cheaper or an i stuck for a certain period of time ?


Just wondering if anyone had any experiance with this.



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Re: Can you Bundle if you have outdated plans ?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Those 'bundle' prices, are for NEW subscribers alltogether normaly.. so not for people with pre existing plans.


Normaly as you bundle services together, you get +5% savings.. 2 services 5%, 3 services 10%, etc.


Switching the phone over, shouldnt be an issue. 


As for then being able to use your cable package?  I am GUESSING it should be fine, but you would really have to call and find out.  I only say its may be fine.. i have a more current tv package... BUT, its not the +5% bundled with my other services right now (due to a savings for 2 years on the tv plan itself).. but it still allowed me to get the $10 unlimited deal.
But there COULD be limitations on the min package level, that we dont know of upfront.


With the newer TV plans, that $2.99 fee is gone (or included). Just looking at mine, i just have the TV plan fee, the box rentals.
In the end, you might have/want to make some changed in this regard, anyways.  Analog channels are quickly disapearing (at least 6 since just before xmas now).
You can get a free DTA from rogers, based on how many 'outlets' your plan has, which will allow you to get all the channels still (its like a REAL CHEAP SD box).  More basic plans only have one 'outlet' on them.  Some slightly higher plans, include more outlets (or you can add 3 for something like $7/month). But as long as these 'outlets' are on the account you can get free DTA's for them, and not have to rent a box.

Re: Can you Bundle if you have outdated plans ?

I Plan to Stick Around

I called Rogers to ask about all this and they offered me a great price on the home phone but on a 24 month contract but i don;t think it's such a bad idea sice it's much better then bell is offering me.


Also as for Cable Rogers is wanting me to upgrade, they said i will still have the same package but want me to use one of the digital terminals now. I currently do not have any of these terminals, my TV is plugged directly into the coaxial cable from the wall. My question is what happends if i have a TV plugged directly into the coaxial and not one of these digital Terminals ? Will they still get the Analog channels ?


The CSR said that a Rogers Tech would have to come by to install this but im perfectly capable of doing this myself- my friends have home phone with rogers and i know  the little Phone modem box that the tech would be bringing.


My question is can i pick up one of these from a Rogers store and do it all myself ? They seem to be fine with me picking up Digital Box from a Rogers store im just not sure about the phone.

Thanks for your reply


Re: Can you Bundle if you have outdated plans ?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

The home phone, they techs have to install.. its one of the things that you cant pick up from the store like the digital boxes, and internet boxes.  I believe it is free... and if they try and charge for it, say you wont sign up for it then.. they should be able to reverse the charges then 🙂


As for the TV question.
Analog, while still WORKS.. is slowly dissapearing.  It will be eventualy gone alltogether.  Currently, there are quite a number of channels missing from the analog lineup, which are there still in digital.

Now, upgrading to a DIGITAL package, will allow you to use digital ternminals.
These can range from HD PVR, HD BOX, SD box, and a DTA.
The first 3 there, you have to buy/rent.  The DTA, you can get at least 1+ free for the household.. based on the package.. most of the digital packages allow up to 4.  These devices, will allow you to get the FULL range of channels, compared to analog.

You can still for now, do a mix of them.. if you had 2 TVs, connect ONE on a digital box of some form.. and the other on analog.. the analog one may just be missing some channels.  Just because you are on a digital package, doesnt cut off the analog all together.

Re: Can you Bundle if you have outdated plans ?

I Plan to Stick Around

Great thanks so much for the reply and info.


The CSR on the phone was just pushing to setup an appointments and I was hesitant and thought I would wait to make sure that if they come and install my home phone they won't see that im on an old package with only 1 outlet even though all the TV's in my house are able to use Analog without any problems.


But this makes me feel much better, I called back and they informed me that with my package I can have up to 3 outlets. So I think this means that I will have a SD Box which they are including in the price, as well as 2 DTA Converters which would allow me to get all the channels like you said. Then the last remaining TV in my house will just have Analog without any converter or box just receiving regular Analog channels.


Sorry for all the questions but lastly I was wanting to know where and what gets connected to the Phone modem ? Since I will be moving my home phone and needed one of these Phone modems im guessing that this would be placed before my main phonelines splits into each of the different rooms in my house ? But what is the source cable, Just a coaxial cable ? It's just that all this is located within my ceiling tiles and I want to make sure I have things setup for when the Rogers Tech comes by.  It's just im not too keen on having someone come into my house and do any sort of maintenance and want to make sure things can go as quickly and smoothly as possible.


Thanks again for the help Smiley Happy

Re: Can you Bundle if you have outdated plans ?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
Usually they will install it right where the elec panel is, or where the cable and phone lines come into the house. They will often the connect it to the splitter panel which goes through your house for the phone.
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