Can this get any better?

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Can this get any better?

I just need to let it out that this service i have been getting has been terrible, and I have also been lied to.


For 1 with my wireless I was told i have a credit limit however...  one bill comes around i get a million phone calls while im working and im not gonna answer because i am working and none at night.  Thats just the start.


I have your best residential package for Internet.  Im supposed to be getting 50mbs Downstream and 2mbs Upstream and yes I am paying 100$ a month when other suppliers give it for WAY less.  The only reason why I chose Rogers over other companies was because I have been with you guys for so long and in previous cases had really good customer care.  However for 3 years I did not use you guys as I was out of country and actually found that were I was at was really good and dont think ill ever see it in canada in my lifetime.


But with my internet connection it was awesome (Like eyepoppingly good) for the first month....  After the first month and 2 days after the bill was paid.  I do speedchecks EVERY night to see if theres anything going on.  1 night I didnt bother because i had a long day and needed to get to bed.  I woke up to go send an email...  It was an important email but a very short email.  It took 25minutes to go to gmail, login, and send it...  I did a speedcheck witch took 30minutes and i was at 3.48mbs Downstream and 2mbs Upstream.  Now that was 3 weeks ago.  Ive been on the phone with Technical Support and apparently they cant do nothing,  The only thing the guy could do was to have a ticket put in to have a look at your internal network witch supprisingly was perfect.  So they sent a technician out and that took 2 weeks...  While he was here he took out a cable splitter, did a test...  said it was fine, hooked in his laptop upto my modem directly and was getting (get aload of this) 68.8mbs Downstream and 4mbs Upstream.......  (HAH!)...  However when i plugged my laptop in while he was sitting there i was only getting 4.  same with my other computer...  exact same for my 2 different computers.  anytime he did it on his laptop it was way more then what im supposed to actually get.  He ended up giving me a new Modem (wich the wireless signal is garbage) and i got my speeds upto 40mbs, still 10mbs lesss than what im promised.  However as soon as he left my speeds went down to 3-4mbs again.  Now for 3 weeks I couldnt do much of anything regards to doing buisness, ive lost out on ALOT of money because of this issue and people at rogers dont seem to care...  I pay 100$ a month for 3mbs downstream and 2mbs upstream...  The technician was so inclined the solluttion was fixed that he ended up leaving....!!!!! and it wasnt!  Im not the one using his laptop he is...  do i gotta call him to use his laptop when i want to play my games or send emails????  Apparently now I have to wait another 3 days before a senior technician can come out here and do the exact same thing this other technician did...


I am VERY upset and angry at the service I have been getting.  Believe me you guys are not like what you useto be...


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I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 3

Re: Can this get any better?

I have also failed to mention that the "modem" that is provided is used as a router, i wasnt givin any information on howto get into it and set it up the way i NEED it...  and the signal on it was just terrrible...  I put my router side by side to it...  Connected to the "Rogers" D3 Wireless N router i was getting 35% signal...  Now to my D-Link router i was getting 100%...  side by side...  I asked rogers to put it into Bridge Mode so i can use my own router


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Re: Can this get any better?

Hi Utherizz and welcome to the forums,


I am sorry to hear you are having so many issues with your service. You are on the right path if there is a ticket escalated as getting a resolution should just be a matter of time. Feel free to create a new thread in our Interet section here: with as much technical information as possible so we can help you get to the bottom of this.


Keep us updated!