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Can't unlock Roger's Note 4

I've Been Here Awhile

Hello everyone, loyal Roger's customer here, I purchased a Rogers white Note 4 from bestbuy last year October, on contract. My work as given me a demo note 5 to train with until the end of the month. My friend asked to buy my phone because I told him when the month is finished and I have to give back my demo phone, I'll be upgrading to a note 5! 😄

Now I thought this was going to be simple.. as I worked for rogers and now samsung, but I'm wrong I guess. Because I can't get this phone unlocked anywhere! I've already sold my friend the Note 4 and he's on Wind (confirmed that it supposed to work on Wind) but using the phone without service right now because he's waiting on me 😕

I've paid for 3 unlock services on Ebay (whom I've had great service with for years) and all three of them told me that "Roger's is taking longer than usual to get codes" and then they all told me after that they "could not find an unlock code for the phone" I'm not rooted or black listed, as it still works on Roger's.

So where do I look? Because I can't keep waiting 2-3 each time just to hear they can't find a code, and i don't want to contact rogers line because they couldn't even help me with the Lolipop upgrade a month ago, (it released in Feb and I had to use Samusing Kiess) So I doubt they'd be any help, but I could be wrong, just don't want to waste another 2 hours on the phone.

If anyone who used a Rogers note 4 and got it unlocked, could please tell me how they did it or what service/site they used and cost that would be awesome! Because on behalf of Roger's end, they're the reason why I wouldn't be able to upgrade to the note 5 or gs6 edge+. Sorry for the long post, i just want to clear up everything for everyone who reads this



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Re: Can't unlock Roger's Note 4


Good day @zaheerkhan,


Thank you for your post and Welcome to the Forums!


I am sorry that you have had bad experiences with the update to Lollipop but you should definitely give us a chance at unlocking your device! Smiley LOL


I understand that you probably have already paid for the service from online sellers but it is always best do it with the service provider who originally sold you the phone.


You can call, live chat, or visit one of our retail stores or authorized dealers to have your device unlocked. Since you do not seem to want to call, I would also be willing to take care of it for you but we would have to contact you from @CommunityHelps via Private Message.


If you are willing to pay the $50 unlocking fee and that your device has been on your account for more than 90 days, there should not be any issue. Smiley Wink


Let us know if you need help! 



Re: Can't unlock Roger's Note 4

I've Been Here Awhile
Thank you for your response. The issue is that I would not be willing to pay $50 to unlock the phone when I've already invested over $50+ in unlock codes.

As well as that is you're basically telling me that I'll have to pay you guys $50, just so that I can go ahead and pay $200+ device balance, and then $479 (S6 Edge+ 64gb) for the phone upfront cost... I just want to unlock the Phone so I can sell it to pay off my balance, and keep doing business with you guys, I shouldn't have to pay a fee to continue doing business... I'm breaking a 3 year contract, 11 months in, to upgrade to a new phone here, not leaving the carrier with an unlocked phone.

Instead of paying $50 I could just use that towards my device balance, cancel my plan, and ask my work to switch corporate plans to one of the other big three (Bell, Telus) because we have a choice.. and I chose Rogers, because I believe in good service.

Re: Can't unlock Roger's Note 4

Hello again @zaheerkhan,


I can definitely understand that you are not willing to pay for the unlocking fee, after paying more to third parties to no avail.


Maybe you could try and get them to refund you, since they are still unable to provide you with the code you need to unlock your device.


We have a process in place for exceptional situations where an unlocking code is not generated, and even in those rare cases, we normally resolve within 24 hours.


We certainly do value your loyalty and appreciate your business.

I can definitely assure you that offering great customer service is one of our priority.


Let us know if you require further assistance with the unlocking of your device!