Can't turn on/off TV using the rogers remote

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Can't turn on/off TV using the rogers remote

we are
      We are unable to turn on/off my TV using the DTA50 remote.  The
      TV is a Fluid 24" LED HDTV purchased from The Source and we have
      been unable to find a code to program the Rogers remote.    We have tried all Toshiba & LG codes (and many others)    

      My question is; will a different brand of Rogers box
      (perhaps Motorola) properly operate the TV on/off function?  If
      so, how might we acquire the upgraded box?  



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Re: Can't turn on/off TV using the rogers remote

Hello washind

The problem is that the LG / Toshiba & many other codes will not work as the TV is NOT of of those models.

Sadly it seem Rogers does NOT support this model. I tried looking it up on the sheet with all the codes & i do not see it.I tried the online Rogers site & same.

Rogers does NOT offer Motorola boxes. They are all Cisco boxes now. So no it will not change or do any different. its the TV that Rogers does not support.
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Re: Can't turn on/off TV using the rogers remote

In order to get a "better" digital box, you're going to have to upgrade your cable package to an all-digital one.


The DTA50 is for those on an old analogue cable package, so that you can still get what you pay for during the analogue to digital conversion.

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Re: Can't turn on/off TV using the rogers remote

Thanks for the prompt response. Too bad Rogers wasn't more forthright.  The Source didn't know either. 

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Re: Can't turn on/off TV using the rogers remote

I have a SEIKI 22" TV from Walmart that cannot be turned on or off with the DTA50 remote. I even tried the method on the website for the remote (holding the SET button until it turns off - it didn't after an hour) to no avail. When I went back to the Rogers method, I lost functions I had before. Rogers gave me a new remote which I set up per instructions again and left it at that.


Even if you get all the DTA50 remote functions to work, you still need the original TV remote to change picture shape. As has been already mentioned, these digital adapters are mainly intended to receive digital channels on basic cable and older TVs.

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Re: Can't turn on/off TV using the rogers remote

I have an lg (about 2 years old) and was able to get it to work with the full Rogers remotes for the other digital boxes
(Now I dont know if these have a larger code set than the dta's possibly?)

I do know that none of the code numbers worked and had to do the manual method and it took about 250 presses on that remote to find it.

Like most universal remotes, they seem hit and miss 😞
(IE: I lost my remote on my first CRT TV. Took 4 universal ones to find one that would work)

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