Can't send texts to one number

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Can't send texts to one number

For some reason I can't send text messages to one number. I can call them and receive text messages from them, but they can't get my texts. 


I have a samsung flight and they have an iphone.


They used to be able to get my texts but then some of them started to not send and some even went to a number from alberta. Now they can't get any of my texts no matter how many I send.


I tried reseting my phone, turning it off, taking out my sim card, deleting them as a contact and re-adding them. I even send some of my messages twice.


How do I fix this? Everyone else gets my messages fine.


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Re : Can't send texts to one number

Hi JeniiRayne,


So to be sure every other SMS works except to this specific contact?

Have you tried sending to them manually? (Entering the number as opposed to selecting a contact)

Do you have any other Rogers phone we can test with OR another active sim card (maybe a friend's) we can test in your phone?


This will help determine if the issue is coming from the SIM/our end or the device itself. I recommend you also give us a call at 1866-931-3282 as we may need to investigate this further.