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Can't purchase data pass

I'm Here A Lot

I don't have a regular data plan. In the past I would be able to purchase a 7 day data pass through the link . Just a week ago I tried to click on the link and it said the requested resource is not available. I called to Rogers and the tech support assistant doesn't know the reason. Is there anyone have similar experience and solution?


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Re: Can't purchase data pass

Good day @louisb1,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you for your post!

Being able to purchase a data add-on when you need to browse on the go is something you should have access to.


We want to help you resolve the issue encountered.

First, there are many ways you can opt for to have it added.


How to purchase Internet Add-ons:

  1. Sign in to MyRogers on

  2. Dial 611 from your Pay As You Go phone.

  3. Call 1 (800) 575-9090. When prompted, select 3 for account features.

You mentioned that the page did not load. Was it when you tried to access it directly from your device, or via our web page?


Let us know! We hope we can assist you further, if the need may be. Smiley Wink




Re: Can't purchase data pass

I've Been Around
I haven’t been able to purchase a days internet pass for the last month.
The page to purchase does not load.
Something is wrong with Rogers page to purchase data. I’ve been doing this for the last 3 years.

Re: Can't purchase data pass

I'm a Senior Advisor

I think there is a need for clarification on this post - there historically has been two types of data passes - for pay as you go prepaid, and for text and talk post paid.


I want to ask specifically about the post paid version.  Up until last year, when I tried to open a browser on my mobile phone, I was directed to a website where I could choose a daily or weekly pass.


In February, in this post was a description, which is also what we currently find on the Fido website for day passes, for post paid plans, talk and text (no data).


If we sent a text to 3282 with the word data, or yes, you got a link to which allowed us the one day or week data pass option - the website  on data on the network with no WIFI access on, used to give us access to our account and add-ons for years too.


Today, when seeing this post, I tried the above option, and I turn off WIFI on the device, and make sure that data LTE is on and it shows being received, but the site will not connect, and there is no way to access data.


Please could a moderator confirm whether this site is still available or has it been removed, and if so, when, and why has there been no notice that I am aware of?


Minor addition - as described in earlier posts, if I try  (no www. in front, and no/pass at the end - www. with or without /pass never returns a response from the page).


If I try, get redirected to following message - (Error) WIFI Detected

We were unable to authenticate you as you are notcurrently on the Rogers or Fido Mobile Networks. Please disable your WIFI connection and launch your browser to try again, Click here for Yahoo! one search. - Yahoo! one search does not return anything either. So the whole error message is kind of meaningless.


My WIFI is turned off from WIFI settings on LG G4 definitively.  When I go to, I get no response - WIFI off or on, doesn't matter - produces the error message.


Note, there seems to be a 7.99 roaming data add-on of 50 MB per day available on Roam like home for US, but that will be on top of the 7.00 roam like home charge, but one other factor is that it says you will be warned when you reach the limit, but if you keep using data, they charge another 7.99 to keep using - (question, does this mean there is a max of 100.00 on data overages in this case or is that overridden as due to that we told and kept using it?)


But I see no reference anywhere on the site to data when in Canada in the old format - see this site at FIDO to see their description - for daily, weekly and monthly add-ons - it is a similiar site (rather than


Guidance and clarification required.

End of edit.

Thanks Bruce.



Re: Can't purchase data pass

I'm a Senior Advisor

Update on data pass access for post paid, talk and text plans.


I contacted tech support, and their words were the following.


The pass is still available at the moment.


Unfortunately, the site is under maintenance.


There is no way to call in and access the data pass option, only available through your device.


No ETA on when site will be back up.


I do hope that they get it operating again.


I have never had data on a plan, and don't want it, but do want access to data in a limited manner in an emergency.


I was comparing the price of my existing plan without data, long distance Canada wide unlimited to a current in market on web site data plan, and I would be looking at a 25.00 per month increase to have access to 500 MB per month, not that I want it anyway.  That price difference is the same when comparing a basic plan, no data compared to a tab 500 MB data plan canada wide, it is a 25.00 price difference.  I currently have a loyalty plan and have a low end smart phone through the plan.


So, let's hope this isn't another move to remove another service feature for lower end services.


The whole process of data add-ons and the historical top up process, and the pricing structure under pay as you go have all gone through changes, unfortunately leaves me wondering what the basic plan users are in for.


The travel data add-on is still available while roaming though via the roam like home - it would be the one day roam like home 7.00 per day, plus 7.99 for data for 50 MB only.


It appears you can do it without Roam like home too (I have opted out of Roam like Home - you just call in or chat in and ask them opt out of Roam like home - use those exact words and be firm if you don't want it that you understand that you don't pay if you don't use it.  Pay per use is better for me, data, messaging and voice historically - each persons situation will vary as to which choice is better for you). You can opt in to roam like home on the web site, but you can't opt out on the site.


There is an option described in add-ons for travel as follows, doesn't appear that you require roam like home.



Simply turn data on - there's no need to purchase a data roaming option5.

What Can I Do With That Much Data?

With 50 MB you can view approximately 50 maps, 1,000 emails or 250 web pages8.

Tracking usage

We'll notify you when you are approaching 50 MB each day (within 24 hours) Need more data? Continue your usage and we'll charge another $7.99/day automatically. Track your data roaming charges anytime you want for free, by texting USAGE to 3330.


It is automatic from your device once you connect to a roaming data carrier.


So stay tuned on what is going on with the site.  I am going through what is described at the beginning of the thread, before someone came in with the commen of being on Prepaid, pay as you go.  The previous person was on post paid, but it was suggested that they must be connected to WIFI still, which the person reported they weren't.  I have done all the same tests.


So it is good to know that the site is actually down, when it returns, unkonwn.



Re: Can't purchase data pass

I'm a Senior Advisor

Text to 3282 with YES or DATA now gets page for data pass on post paid talk and text plans.




The web site is working again.

It actually redirects to a new site called rogers-fido

Remember that to access this link, you must turn your WIFI off and your cellular data must be on.


If you happen to just go to you will get the original old web site for managing your account before MyRogers came along - most things are dead links though - bit of a trail down history  - buy ring tones, ring backs,

Re: Can't purchase data pass

I Plan to Stick Around

I was going to change my PAYG plan to postpaid today, but the Rogers customer service person I spoke to said that there is no data day pass option for postpaid accounts. She even checked by phoning the postpaid dept, and she confirmed that there is no data day pass option.


So, has Rogers removed this feature from postpaid accounts now?

Re: Can't purchase data pass

I Plan to Stick Around

Actually, I just asked me wife to check as she is on a postpaid account, and the data day pass works for her account. So I guess the Rogers rep didn't know what she was talking about. The odd thing is that she put me on hold for a minute while she (apparently) phoned the postpaid dept. Anyone from Rogers have an explanation for this?

Re: Can't purchase data pass

Good day @davidj,


Thank you for your post!

I completely understand the nature of your inquiry and I'm glad to hear you're considering transferring your prepaid line over to postpaid.


Are you planning on getting a voice and text only plan?

If you use data on a regular basis, you may consider choosing a plan, shareable or not, that includes a certain amount of data, as it may come down less expensive than purchasing data passes.

For more information, visit


If you pick a voice & text plan, you will have the ability to purchase domestic wireless Internet passes for your postpaid account.


Once you try to access the Internet without being connected to a Wi-Fi network, you'll be notified of your options. 

When you open your internet browser, you will be asked to purchase a Wireless Internet Pass if you browse to a chargeable website.

  • You will receive an SMS and/or be redirected to purchase a Pass before you can continue.
  • If you are a Blackberry user, you are encouraged to use the Short Code mentioned below.

You can also text the words "Data" or "Yes" to 3282.

  • You will receive an SMS with a link to complete your purchase.

If your plan includes data but you're afraid of going over, there's no need to worry. With monthly plans, you can add  wireless data top-ups.


I hope this addresses all your inquiries! Smiley Wink



Re: Can't purchase data pass

I've Been Here Awhile

I used to be able to purchase a 100 MB day pass for $1. This doesn't seem to be available anymore. I can't find anything on the website about the removal of  the day pass option. What's going on?

Re: Can't purchase data pass

I Plan to Stick Around

It looks like rogers have removed the automatic prompt asking if you want to purchase a day pass if you're on a plan, and they now tell you you have to purchase a monthly data plan. However you can still purchase a data pass by opening the data day pass link in your browser:


(at least, it comes up, but I haven't actually tested to see if I can purchase it).



Re: Can't purchase data pass

I've Been Around
you're genius!!!

Re: Can't purchase data pass

I've Been Here Awhile

Incredible that we have to go through all this to get access to the day pass!!!!!!  Thanks every so much, this works when nothing else does.

Re: Can't purchase data pass

I'm a Senior Advisor

@davidj @jdalve @fibontrader 


Update on data add-ons


I did a chat today to get the current status.


Here is what I learned - only consumer share everything plans with data have access to data add-ons.  I was informed that having a talk and text only plan, I had no data, and data add-ons are not available.


He could not tell me when this changed.  He actually had to review my account and consult to find out. But I know from past, because these are "add-ons", all companies have no requirement to advise us of changes or termination of add-ons.  As readers of this thread will know, the add-on feature has changed in pricing, amounts available and how it works numerous times over the last few years, and it is hear or by contacting them with a question that we learn of these changes.


For pay as you go users, you can do a data add-on by calling in or via myrogers as far as I know.  


From their web site pay as you go internet add-ons


How to purchase Internet Add-ons

  1. Sign in to My Rogers on OR your My Account mobile app.

  2. Dial 611 from your Pay As You GoTM phone.

  3. Call 1 800 575-9090. When prompted, select 3 for account features.

Please note something though.  For the last few weeks, I am unable to connect to MyAccount mobile unless I am on my WIFI, that it is no longer available via LTE that is on for carrier features like MMS.


My wife who has a share plan with 500 Mb data per month, must now turn on her LTE in order to check her data usage.


For those who do have data and just want to do a data add-on - note they don't call them top ups anymore.


Just text DATA to 222, choose the data option that’s right for you, and you’re set!

It will text back to you choices of what level of data you want to add-on.


Note that you are enrolling for recurring data add-on and to cancel it do the following before the end of the billing period - you can do it right after ordering it so you don't need to worry -

To cancel a data add-on, text "CANCEL" to 222.  Leave the quotes out.


Don't know if you can call in to get it done or not.  Certainly for pay as you go, the numbers are above.


You can also do it from your MyRogers on the Internet, or from your app, it is there too. There is a button for add data - on my wife's line, but not mine. 


For more confusion, it was on mine on MyRogers app for a few days, and today, it was removed. Roger's change management practices still need work!!


So in summary -


If you have data currently in any amount, follow the steps above to add data - the link does not work anymore, and do remember to cancel recurring, if you only wanted it one time.


talk and text post paid plan, non share plan - no data on the plan - no add-ons available.  You won't see the add data feature on MyRogers or the app, and if you do 222 DATA when you have no data on your plan, you get the following message, "Rogers Msg (from 3339): Sorry we could not complete your request. To add data to your plan now,please test the keyword "DATA" to 222.


And you will get the same message.  You can do that all you want in my case, same resonse - uh duh!!


So that is the current status of add-ons.  When on the chat, they suggested they could change my plan. Nope, I am always with my wife and she has limited data, and we will keep doing as such. If I ever need data, I will be fully shopping around and probably going pay as you go, but for now, have lived without data for my whole time with a phone, I can still live without it.


Now, as for roam like home, or roaming, I guess you will still get data available for day as standalone fee or part of roam like home.  Different story.  So much for being able to have data for an emergency when travelling at home.

For flexibility low end user like me, pay as you go makes the most sense.


Hope they put back access to MyRogers app for non data customers - there are some who have limited minute or text plans and may need to check and now they would have to phone in or wait for WIFI.


Hope this clears up the mud a little bit.



Re: Can't purchase data pass

I've Been Here Awhile
Nothing works for me.

Re: Can't purchase data pass

I've Been Here Awhile

When opening the following data day pass link in your browser:

I found that your WiFi needs to be off otherwise it does not work.


As an aside, inability for this to not work on your PAYG phone may be due to as Rogers puts it having an old “historical” account.  After several unsuccessful attempts at trying to get LTE speeds on my phone with new LTE SIM cards, only after upgrading to one of the PAYG talk & text plans, did I obtain LTE service.  To be clear, I only starting using the above day pass link after I upgraded my plan, so cannot confirm if this link works under old “historical” accounts or not.

Re: Can't purchase data pass

I've Been Here Awhile
Perhaps that is the problem for me. I have PAYG for ages. Every time I click the link, it tells me that I cannot access the page because I don't have a data plan. I did turn my wifi off. I think I also saw another post under PAYG that one day pass is no longer available...

Re: Can't purchase data pass

I've Been Here Awhile

I can confirm that when I click the link "" that I get from Rogers after texting "Yes" or "Data" to 3282, and WiFi is off, or trying the “Sign into the Rogers Network” notification on my Android phone, the response is:  “You are unable to access this page because your current plan does not include data and you are not connected to WiFi.” which can be seen at “”    If I then connect to Wifi, the web request times out and I get no notification.  I experienced the exact same responses under my old plan so this is consistent behaviour.


I can confirm at time of posting this message that when I use the “” link directly and WiFi is off, I obtained a day pass so it is still working when one uses this approach.  How long it will continue to work of course is another story 🙂 

Re: Can't purchase data pass

I Plan to Stick Around

Also, try with LTE off in case that makes a difference.

Re: Can't purchase data pass

I've Been Here Awhile
Yay, it works now. Thanks so much for your input!

Re: Can't purchase data pass

I Plan to Stick Around

It looks like the daypass link isn't working any more. It is saying "This site can't be reached. too too long to respond". Is it not possible to purchase a data day pass anymore?

Re: Can't purchase data pass

I've Been Here Awhile

Yes, seems that data pass is not available anymore since mid-July.

When I tried to access, it just returned a message "Server Hangup".

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