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Can't open Rogers email with Mozilla

I've Been Around

Hi folks,

I am experiencing problem suddenly since yesterday. I am not able to open all my emails from Rogers using my Mozilla Thunderbird client. Also using Mozilla Firefox, I am not able to get the emails from the webmail. I called Rogers tech support and was told, Rogers does not support Mozilla. Anyone having the same problem and managed to solve this? Thanks for the advice/hints.


bang jeha


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Re: Can't open Rogers email with Mozilla

I Plan to Stick Around

What error are you getting? Is Thunderbird telling you your password/username is wrong? If so, go to and enter your password/username there to see if you can get your mail. (You might be asked to also type in a string of numbers and letters it displays for you.)


Rogers e-mail is hosted on Yahoo servers, and they adjust their security setting from time to time. Sometimes this causes a particular e-mail program to stop working because the servers now think your e-mail is under attack by a malicious program. This recently happened to me with Windows Live Mail on my laptop -- but not WLM on my desktop, oddly.

Re: Can't open Rogers email with Mozilla

I've Been Around
I have had the same problem for a few weeks off and on. I've been using thunderbird.
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