Can't get anyplace tv to work

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Can't get anyplace tv to work

I've tried to log onto AnyPlace TV through my samsung tablet and my computer but to no avail. I live in Toronto so I'm sure my area has the service. I log into it with myrogers account, the exact same one that I have linked two cell phone plans and my internet/tv plan to, so I'm sure it should allow me to access the app. However whenever I try to play anything it tells me;

"To watch 'TSN' you must be a Rogers customer."

When I go to Profile > Rogers Accounts it tells me I have to sign into myrogers and link my accounts. Since I'm already signed in once I click it, it sends me to myrogers page that shows I have "internet/cable", "wireless" and "wireless" again. Whats the problem?



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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Can't get anyplace tv to work

I have the Apple App which I assume is more or less the same. The app is a hit and miss.  When it works, it's amazing, but when it doesn't, well you're out of luck.  I find that it works least often late at night around the same time they do maintenance on the website. I believe you have to be on your home internet in order for the app to work. Also, at one point, there was a separate login for AnyplaceTV and the rest of the Rogers site, there might have been an issue with your account when they combined the two.

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Re: Can't get anyplace tv to work

I gave up on this app when I found older Android tablets, like my Kobo Vox, weren't supported.

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