Can't activate Extreme Texting

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Re: Can't activate Extreme Texting

Extreme Messaging Alternatives


I've been on here before praising the benefits of Rogers Extreme Message service, it's truly something very useful and honestly don't know what I'd do with out it.

That being said, I've heard Extreme messaging is being phased out of Rogers offerings and honestly I really do not know what to do -- as said, this service is extremely valuable to me and has kept me with Rogers since they are the only carrier offering the service (other than Fido), Its another reason I haven't switched to RCS messaging on Android yet.

What alternatives is Rogers recommending? I mainly used extreme messaging as a text to email backup service -- I'd have it copy my message to my email and then have it searchable there -- And since I move my sim card from phone to phone, I didn't have to worry about transferring/losing my text messages as I could just search my email folder. I've tried IFTTT recently, but it's not providing the copy function like extreme messaging has, so I've stopped.

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Re: Can't activate Extreme Texting

Good morning Community!


I know you're seeking recommendations but we cannot officially endorse any non-Rogers products.


Is there anyone in the Community who has used one of these apps that could offer a recommendation?


Let us know!




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Re: Can't activate Extreme Texting

Of course you can't, lets be fair you can't even repair the program that's called "Extreme Texting"


Once this program was implemented what does it actually cost Rogers to maintain ?

I'll go out on a limb and say next to nothing.


SMS received > server query data base, new SMS found > Fwd to email address. it will do that all day without somebody interacting.


I'm guessing that some new platform was implemented which put the kibosh on the extreme texting program and nobody knew about that until the people that actually used it complained. Now back to the new platform group to integrate the old program and the answer was "well that's not as easy as it seems"  <<<<<$$$$$$ money $$$$$$


Bye Bye  Extreme Texting


How can you say that not enough people use a service to repair?


I'll be waiting for a reply to this and my other post......

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Re: Can't activate Extreme Texting

I will add to the others who are "Extremely" upset by this announcement as there are zero alternatives. Extreme Text Messaging works on the server side meaning that my phone can be powered off or I can be traveling with a local country's SIM card in my phone and be assured that my SMS messages are being "seen" and replied to. It has been suggested to download an app to auto reply. These can work well as long as:


1) The app doesn't fail

2) The phone doesn't lose it's wifi or data connection 

3) The phone remains powered

4) You have a second phone to keep at home to do the work


None of these were factors with Extreme Text Messaging. 


I look at this as a marketing failure on the part of Rogers. If more people knew about it, they would use it. I constantly seek out these types of features whereas others may not. 


This feature is one of the most important reasons that I signed a two year contract with Rogers. The other was wifi calling and texting which has also gone through months of painful lack of consistent service but at least appears to work properly... for now.


I pay my bill every month and am fulfilling my end of the deal. Increasingly, I feel that Rogers is not!!


Finally, I type this while on hold with Rogers Customer Service and now Customer Relations while they try to find a solution that we all know does not exist. Rogers, you were proving to be a leader in innovation but now it appears that you are failing to follow through. All services that I used constantly.. RON, issues with WiFi Calling and SMS and now Extreme Text Messaging. Not much keeping me here but a contract that you may now be in breach of!



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Re: Can't activate Extreme Texting

lets recap

RogersMaude   Nov 1

I can imagine that being unable to use such a useful feature must cause some inconveniences.

I'm sincerely hoping the issue, preventing you from activating the copy function, has been resolved since you posted. Are you still getting the same error message at this time?

RogersMaude   Nov 6

Our Extreme Text Messaging service is experiencing technical issues.

The supplier of this platform is currently investigating. We’re actively working towards resolving this issue as soon as possible.

RogersCorey   Nov 12

I'd like to help however I need a little more info. Are you forwarding texts from your phone or are you using another device or app to forward texts?

RogersCorey   Nov 13

We are aware of the issue impacting Extreme SMS and we're working towards a fix. As this is a complex system, it is taking longer than anticipated to resolve the issue. 

RogersShaun Nov 14

The issue is still ongoing and support teams are working diligently to fix the technical issue.  We will be sure to notify the Community when we have further updates.

RogersCilio Nov 29

Just to provide an update, we're aware our Extreme SMS service is currently unavailable due to technical issues. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. The rules you have set are still active and should be unaffected. We'll provide further updates as it becomes available to us.

RogersCorey Dec 6

After careful consideration, due to low participation, the decision was made to discontinue the Extreme Text Messaging service as of January 10, 2018. There are apps that offer similar functionality available in your device's app store.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.




First we are working on it

Then we find out it's a third party supplying this service

Corey doesn't even know the service exists

We are still working on the problem

We are now "working diligently" to fix the problem

another couple days then a stall post


Well we tried, Sorry but you're out of luck

Either the service provider is asking for too much money to fix the problem or ........


I think you need to provide a proper answer to why this service was functional 2 months ago and now it's not.

You know the people that pay the bills that make huge profits for the company would like to know why is it not going to be offered after years of use.


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Re: Can't activate Extreme Texting

My ex boyfriend has settled my extreme txt message and I can’t turn it off. I am scarred for my confidentiality and safety. How can I turn the service off as soon as possible? A disappointed and worried client. Thank you.
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Re: Can't activate Extreme Texting

Good evening @CARDINAL77,


Thank you for posting your concern to the Rogers Community.

I'd be worried too if I were you, as I understand the nature of this situation.


If you wish to deactivate the Extreme Texting service at this time, we can submit an escalation to have it completed. Please send a private message @CommunityHelps, if you'd like to grant us access to your account so we can initiate the process.


If you're not familiar with how to send us a message, follow the instructions outlined in this Blog. 

Looking forward to your PM!



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Re: Can't activate Extreme Texting

What are those apps for iPhone "There are apps that offer similar functionality available in your device's app store." Anyone???

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Re: Can't activate Extreme Texting

Starting January 10th extreme text messaging will be deactivating will it be back is it temporary? Is there's any other program we can use or a nap and what are they please let me know as soon as possible because it's very important for me to use extreme messaging

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Re: Can't activate Extreme Texting

Hello @Bellabella1401,


Welcome to the Community Forums, and thanks for reaching out.


Extreme Texting definitely had some handy features, but unfortunately, it has been discontinued.


As stated earlier in post 32 of this thread, we can't officially endorse any third-party applications, but we do welcome Community input for alternatives.