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Can I make a DCX3400-M PVR into an HD terminal (disable whole home PVR)?

I've Been Here Awhile

I have an older DCX3400-M PVR that I have replaced with a newer PVR. The newer PVR is part of a whole home PVR with a terminal in another room. The problem is that I want to have another HD box on another 3rd TV. I want to use the older PVR but when I connected it, it confused the temrinal and the terminal uses it as the PVR source, hiding the programs from the newer PVR. I was told by rogers support that I can't have 2 PVRs connected. Instead of buying/renting another HD terminal for TV 3, can I somehow disable the Moca/whole home PVR features on the older PVR box myself?


I could call back support but I thoight I would consult the hive mind here first 🙂 It might save me 30-60  minutes of my life 🙂




 PS. I am in New Brunswick if that matters.



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Re: Can I make a DCX3400-M PVR into an HD terminal (disable whole home PVR)?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Not a lot of users very familiar with the east coast stuff on here.. but i would assume its similar some ways to the ontario stuff.


(though the ontario stuff CAN use two PVRs.. but its running a very different software on the CISCO boxes)


Best i can think of?  Have the one unit REMOVED from the loop, so to speak.
Remove it from the group inside the moca group, so it cant directly talk with the others.
(how exactly this is done.. will vary depending on how they wired stuff up).

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