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Calls place within local calling area, getting marked (ICM) or ROM ?

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For 4 yrs and not really worried about it as I have a Share Ready Plan with unlimited long distance in Canada, but for 4 yrs, I make calls within my local area or receive calls this is always marked IRM - incoming call outside local area, or ROM - outgoing call outside of local area.   My city is small there are 4 towers around the city, and calls been always place within local area more than outside of it.   But if I didn't have this plan, like say 4 yrs ago, I didn't  but still get this, I have a cell phone number for this area, as my husband does as well as our 15 yr old son.  All 3 of our cell phones get marked this for our calls on our Rogers bill,  to this day this has stumped me why because they are not placed outside of local area at all, unless we are out of town but not daily.  Once or twice a month if that.  I live in Eastern Ontario.  I just viewed my rogers bill tonight and see that constantly when looking at the calls made.


Re: Calls place within local calling area, getting marked (ICM) or ROM ?

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Hi @techsavy4568,



Thank you for your patience. I understand your bill is showing IRM (Incoming Roaming Minutes) and ROM (Roaming call placed), indicating you're not in your calling area. This could be due to the devices connecting to a tower closer to a border outside your local calling area. Most devices are designed to connect to the best tower rather than the closest tower and the device would never indicate which tower it's currently connected to. As for LD charges without your Share Ready Plan with unlimited long distance, depending on your area code you would not incurred any extra LD fees.





Re: Calls place within local calling area, getting marked (ICM) or ROM ?

I am in email discussions with rogers and feel I am getting no where,  I have noticed on my past bill many IRM codes and if if it might say the call was from Erin, ON.  I then get charged for a incoming long distance call.  But in fact I accepted the call in my local calling area and the caller is calling from my local calling area.  It seems to me that the call is bouncing of a cell tower outside of my local calling area. 


This is a Rogers issue and I don't feel I should be charged for IRM since I have no control which tower the call goes to.  So far all I am getting is a run around.

Re: Calls place within local calling area, getting marked (ICM) or ROM ?

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I had a cousin in a small town in eastern Ontario. There was two towers in town, a Bell Mobility and a Rogers on the other end.  He had to always check what network he was on, but now has a Canada Wide Plan which removes the issues.


People living on the Canadian US border run into this issue at times too.  I did a bike ride along the Niagara River a few years back and the phone kept flipping back and forth on the towers.


It is kind of the unfortunate nature of the beast - but I would still let them know it now and then as it means you have coverage gaps in your area and maybe they will consider adding towers.


Good luck.  Bruce

Re: Calls place within local calling area, getting marked (ICM) or ROM ?

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@RogersArthur .... maybe you could have the powers that be update their information pages to point that out .... local calling  area is  not specifically  about geographic location ... it's about phone access to a particular tower.  


@Fgeddes ... long ditance charges in your situation are the price you have to pay for increased range and reception on you phone.  ... extra profit isRogers benefit.     I was in your situation after  changing phones and the only resolution Rogers offered was suck it up  or buy a long distance package. 

I consulted a friend and he changed my phone from 3 G to 2 G so I wasn't connecting with qhose towers 40 km away and now for the most part  I have 80% less long distance charges  and my phone battery lasts three time longer between charges. 

It's so nice when Rogers can keep customers well informed !Smiley Sad yes,major sarcasm there!

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