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Calls from USA line

I've Been Around

It is my understanding that local calls are defined by your location. If I am in my local area, and receive a call from a USA line, is it a local call for me?


If the USA line is in my local area instead of USA, does that change my billing?


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Re: Calls from USA line

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
it does NOT matter where the Call is originating from, you are not charged based on the callers location, the call can be from china or downtown chinatown vancouver, and you are billed the same for a local incoming call, its where You are physically located where the call can be billed differently, if you are from toronto but using tyour phone in hamilton, you will get charged IRM, which is the same as LD rates. if u are in toronto and receive call in toronto, your incoming rate will be in accordance to your plan rate.

Re: Calls from USA line

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Hello JoeYona

Local means your area code & area you are in. If someone from the states calls you, you will be charged ONLY the air time minutes you are using. If you call the states tho, you will be charged long distance & air time minutes.

Re: Calls from USA line

I've Been Here Awhile

You can receive calls as long as you are in your local area. But if rogers has an long distance plan, remember its only for Canada unless specified. I called the US thinking it was free, but it was the otherway around.