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Calling Feature HELP!

I Plan to Stick Around

I need some help here.  Rogers has or had calling features that smell like CS2K and today I called to order internet, TV, and home phone (2 lines), but feature availability was not known.  Call Transfer sounds like our CXR, but they didn't know the star code for it.  It's not the same as call forwarding.  Is all of this stuff still available?  I copied the descriptions out of the DMS 500 feature book.  Why are features not listed?  Why can only one number be unlisted?

If the back end is CS2K, I will be one happy camper -- I'll have all the stuff that Bell took away back.

Rogers has Friends and Family Unique Ring
Is this CS2K's DRCW (Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting based on screening list)?
The Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting (DRCW) option allows the system to
identify terminating calls with a distinct alert pattern. If the line is available,
the system issues a distinct ring. If the line is busy, the system issues a
distinct call waiting tone. The caller receives standard audible ringback
tone. When a call originates from a directory number (DN) on the DRCW
list, the system identifies the call by a distinct alert. The system gives
standard terminating treatment to call attempts from DNs the system cannot
identify or are not on the DRCW screening list.

Rogers has Friends and Family (Allow)
Is this CS2K's Selective Call Acceptance (SCA)?
The SCA option allows a subscriber to selectively accept calls arriving from
a limited set of previously identified directory numbers (DN). The DNs from
which calls are to be accepted are built into a list through the subscriber list
editing (SLE) facility. Calls which are rejected are given SCA treatment.

Rogers has Friends and Family (Forward)
Is this CS2K's Selective Call Forwarding (SCF)?

The SCF option allows calls that terminate on the line to be forwarded to a
remote destination if the number of the originating station matches one of
the numbers in the SCF list.

Call Screen sounds like SCRJ - Selective Call Rejection (which allows you to block the last caller, even if private, by dialing *60 followed by #01#)

Call Forward All, Busy, No Answer sound like CFU, CFBL, CFDA

*94 is SPRING?  Subscriber Programmable RINGing?

Anonymous Call Rejection sounds like our ACRJ

ACRJ will block a call if PRIVATE NAME appears with a visible phone number, or with a PRIVATE NUMBER.
The Anonymous Caller Rejection (ACRJ) option allows a subscriber to
reject incoming calls from callers who block their names or directory
numbers (DN). The system routes anonymous calls to an announcement.



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Re: Calling Feature HELP!

I Plan to Stick Around

So, what type of IP softswitch serves 905-551-xxxx as that's where I am.

Re: Calling Feature HELP!

I'm a Senior Advisor



I may be wrong, but I would suspect that the depth of knowledge you have on the PBX switch side of things going all the way back to NT, is probably well beyond many people on this board, but someone may speak up and be able to answer your question.


A first line tech person, or a CSR I suspect would have no idea how to answer your questions, nor where to research it, and they would have to push up into level 2 or 3 technicians.  This is not the type of questions that they would be trained on - they sell the services, try to answer questions as best as possible give the information they are provided, and the techs are there to generally support day to day use issues, not to get into types of switching models and terminology.


I compare it to the discussion I occasionally have for the fun of it when I say the other guys have a Fibre network and they say we have Fibe - and don't even realize that we are talking about the same thing. Or that a hybrid network of Fibre and coax or traditional copper, we are basically talking about FTTN in various configurations, but on a basic level it is the same thing.


Ahh marketing, versus technical information.  I think you are getting well beyond the knowledge of most here - someone who may know where to find or provide it can pop in.


Just a suggestion - dumb it down a bit.



Re: Calling Feature HELP!

I Plan to Stick Around

@BS  they did tell me to call technical support.  I just didn't understand if any of these features were once available and grandfathered, because they don't appear all in one place.  Rogers did purchase CS2000 ten years ago.  How many I can't remember.  It's not a PBX -- it's a Central Office IP softswitch that does everything the old hardswitches did.  The features are just too similar.  All Rogers needs to say is our equipment is this.  I don't want to go through the nightmare I did with Bell and FTTH.  Why are you infatuated with that?  We've had fiber since 1978.

I'll give you an example on why these features interest me.  Lately, my brother has been annoying me to no end.  With Selective Call Forwarding, I can bounce his call back to him, which would trigger a call waiting beep on his phone.  Rogers calls it Friends and Family Forward, but it's not listed on their bundles.  Is it grandfathered?

I understand CS2K and so I'm confident it would deliver very good service.  Rogers has done more than Bell here, but I don't know if they switched to something else.  I don't believe they would retire CS2000s after just 10 years.  They cost a few million each.


DND, DRCW, SCA, SCR, SCRJ, ACRJ, and CXR ... Bell never did any of this.  They didn't pay to enable the features.  I know -- those codes look cryptic, but there's nothing to it.


And hey, you guys can always learn.  If something seems complex, ask, and I'll explain it.

Do you want me to explain FTTH vs. FTTN?  Bell, right now, is getting sued (class-action) for misrepresenting ADSL as FIBEr optic.  They use what's called a "stinger".  To get 50 gig, they bond two pairs.  They can't go higher than that unless they run the fiber into your house.

I have to be objective, but they use a modem now that doesn't even support coax for TVs (HPNA).  Most homes do not have Ethernet home runs to a location on the first floor where a wireless signal will carry.  How can a wireless signal from a basement carry? -- you need to buy repeaters.  It's a one device ONT/router with fiber going straight in, and unbridgeable.  That's the paradox.  They offer a high end service, but dumb it down.  Anyone subscribing to that speed is a power user, and won't be happy with the limitations they've imposed because their people are not trained, and you can get a better router at Walmart.

It's not rocket science -- it's easy to learn.  Those people who thought they were getting fiber are ignorant.  Don't give FTTH a second thought.  It has to be done right, and it wasn't.  Rogers is a breath of fresh air, because, they are honest.  My bro sells fiber and he calls their stuff boilerplate.

Fiber may sound sexy, but the way Bell did it, I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole, not even for free.  Google Fiber is fiber.  Bell fiber is a laxative.  Oh, the moderators are going to have a field day with that comment, so it's best that nobody mention Bell in my presence.

Do you know what they did to me?  They killed my FTTH on purpose, and I had to use my cell for internet.  They had a 40 gig plan for $250/month until I could figure out what I was going to do, and their app showed that I was under ... 37 gig.  I got a bill for $1400 in overages.  In STANDBY mode, Bell was chewing up 250 meg.  Rogers? ... 1.8 meg.  Somebody explain that.

If the Nortel gurus in Texas hadn't taught me LTE and GSM, I would have believed that trash.  I said, back up those figures.  They couldn't.  In court, they would be annihilated by an attorney, and so would the CCTS and CRTC, for allowing fraudulent inflated billing like that.  Do you know what I saw?  TCP packets arriving out of order all the time, as if it were on purpose, to trigger a retransmission that I would be billed for under "blind" accounting.

We issue a stop alert at $50 they say, yet their system is 4 hours behind compiling the total.  Any monkey at the zoo can see that a person would be over $50 by the time those 4 hours elapsed.  Their bill didn't even match their app.  I'm going to get them this time because they went too far.  When I was at NT, they didn't even know what to buy.

The kind of CSR they have now doesn't happen from hiring a few bad apples off the street.  It's policy.

How would you react?  Please, don't mention Bell -- it just gets me going.  Rogers is a saint compared to them.  Ted Rogers was a man with integrity.  When I switched back to Rogers, I was treated so nice, it was almost surreal.

Re: Calling Feature HELP!

I'm a Senior Advisor

How would I react.  Well in my recent posts, you will see my reaction is that I am discontinuing a lot of services, and learning to live without from any provider.


I again say, you have lost me totally in all the acronyms and technical terms - yes in the true sense of the word "ignorant" as not knowing or not being aware, yes, most customers have no idea what is going on in the back end, and most I suspect don't really care.  As I said for years to car dealers, learned it from my dad (depression years mind set), all I want is a car with four wheels that reliably gets me from point a to point b at a reasonable price - what is that - a used car purchased from someone I know who is willing to spend too much money for their toys. I can't buy his basic car anymore though - they don't make it - a Dodge Coronet, four doors, no radio, no options period, smallest engine, manual three on the tree - ordered from the plant because nobody would stock that mix.  He owned two, one with red seats, one with black - now there is an oven if you ever had to be in one.  My mother traded it in after he passed away, and bought a low end Dodge Dart, auto transmissions, smallest engine, a yellow one that they couldn't sell because it looked like a Toronto police car - nice thing was everyone slowed down around us - one luxury - an AM radio.  Drove it into the ground, and the next three cars had one more luxury - power steering because she shattered her shoulder in a fall.  Now AM/FM radios, but always the car that had sat on the lot for over a year, waiting for the person who just wanted a car with 4 wheels and a gets from point a to b reliably.


That is where I am now, and our discussions although interesting, have reminded me that hey, "bruce", you are retired, get on with living, get the services you need at the cheapest I can find, and your discussion on 911 has been the best for me.

All the best in your hunt for a person who can tell you what infrastructure is being used, and getting the features that you desire in your products.

I truly mean that, but for me, it was interesting for a while, but eventually, your expertise and use of technical terms became way too much, so I move on.


On that note, I think I am actually going to pack the board in for a while and focus on what I need to do today and worry about tomorrow when it gets here.



Re: Calling Feature HELP!

I Plan to Stick Around

No COD and no DIAL ... why?


I know Rogers has to be using a certain company's equipment if their *60 Call Screen understands the #01# command.  What I don't get is why they can't put disconnect supervision on the two lines I ordered for next week.  It's a standard feature that was on all landlines for free.

All it does is interrupt power on my line for 0.85 seconds immediately after the other party hangs up (if he/she hangs up first). 
Set CUTOFF_ON_DISC_TIME to 80 in the OFCVAR table.  Then, SERVORD {press ENTER}

> ADO $ npanxxxxxx COD $
{press ENTER}

And no rotary dial pulse service.  That's an issue with the firmware on the modem.  Comcast supports that.  All I know is these phones won't work, and they're pretty cool.

One is a flying saucer dial phone that can fly without air breathing engines -- the other is a plane (which will take off on a short runway if you dial a number with too many consecutive 0s in it).

The third is an IP phone which can make your cell phones look like a crank phone from 1899.  I was going to set it up so that an incoming Home Phone call would trigger the PBX to call my cell.  If I answered a home phone, the PBX would hang up on the cell.  If I answered the cell, it would bridge the incoming call with the outgoing one.

That's why I ordered two lines.  My plans are ruined.