Cable included in Condo Fees & Rental Property

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Cable included in Condo Fees & Rental Property


My parents reside in a condo townhouse and basic cable is included in the maintenance fees.

They are planning to rent the place in couple of months.


- Do they have to return the Digital boxes to Rogers Store?

- Will the tenants be able to pick up the boxes from the Rogers Store? Would a signed copy of the lease + ID suffice?

- My parents had additional channels and received the bill for the same. Will the tenants be able to do the same?


I am assuming if the tenants insist that they want to use another service provider, it's their choice.


Thank You.



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Re: Cable included in Condo Fees & Rental Property

Greetings @anaras!


Welcome to the Community, we're very happy to have you on board with us!


It's definitely nice to have your cable services included in your rental or condo fees, it takes a bit of the stress off for sure! With regards to your inquiry on how your parents' new tenants would obtain services with Rogers, there are a couple of options available:


1. Your parents can authorize a Transfer of Responsibility over to the new tenants at which point they would have to agree to take over the account and billing details and would be responsible for the existing equipment and any additional charges incurred for the service (pay per view programming or movie rentals, etc.). After your parents have given permission for the Transfer of Responsibility, the tenants would then contact Rogers to accept the transfer to their name and would need to provide their date of birth, plus 2 pieces of valid ID so a credit evaluation can be processed and the transfer completed. 


2. Your parents can cancel the existing account and services for the date needed and once cancelled they will need to return any rental equipment (including any power cords or remote controls) within 45 days of the deactivation date to ensure that no 'unreturned equipment fees' are billed to them. The new tenants would then need to contact Rogers (or the provider of their choice) to set up new services from scratch. 


In either scenario, if the service remains with Rogers, the available channels and equipment options should remain the same for as long as the current agreement is in place for your address. The account holder is only responsible for paying any additional fees for services or equipment not included in the agreement.


I hope this helps!