Cable TV Reception Issues - How to Fix?

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Cable TV Reception Issues - How to Fix?

My TV in the upstairs of my house gets very poor reception and signal quality.  Some of the basic channels i receive on other tv's in my house i can't even get upstairs.  I suspect this is do to quality of the coax from the basement where the cable enters my house, to the upstairs tv.   Running new coax is not an option.  Do you have a solution that might address the problem, if not, not worth paying for cable tv or a cable box, I can look to a wireless fiber solution from another provider.



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Re: Cable TV Reception Issues - How to Fix?

Yeah, the only FOOLPROOF way, is to replace the coax.  But its not always a possibility, without spending a lot of money.

If you call in  and say there is signal issues on that TV, and get a tech out, they might be able to do something.
Inserting a power booster might help fix the issue (assuming its feed is good enough).

Yeah, beyond that you would be starting to look at some of the other solutions.
Bell offers one.  Rogers new IGNITE TV is fully wireless as well.
The biggest thing there, is you need to then guarantee that your wireless signal is good enough in that room then as well.