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Cable TV Package Channel Comparison Spreadsheet

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There was an older one posted here well over a year ago.. so i took it upon me to make a more up to date one.

I have tried to make it as accurate as possible, but i am only basing this off the information provided on the Packages and channels things listed on the web. 


- This is based off ONTARIO listing/availablity.  I may varry for other provinces.


- I have added the ADDON packages as well, so you can see if a basic package + an addon may be better than a higher package


- I have not inluded any OTHER LANGUAGE channels/packages, other than channels which are included in any of the core packages.




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Re: Cable TV Package Channel Comparison Spreadsheet

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@Suzieq0522 I have VIP and this is what my bill says



Digital VIP Cable
4 Digital Adapter
Digital Services Fee
HDTV Channel Pak


It's the regular VIP, not the Ultimate with extra movie channels, etc. I don't have Rogers Internet, so my bill is about half yours. You would either need to compile a spreadsheet of everything you're getting and compare it to Rogers current offerings to to see if it's advantageous to switch. Check out this thread on the subject. I have a link to my spreadsheet in message 43. I'm in the Woodstock area, so some of my channels will be different from Toronto or some other place.

Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario

Re: Cable TV Package Channel Comparison Spreadsheet

I'm a Senior Advisor

My suggestion, is you first call in and see what offers they can offer to you - yes do the exercise of deciding what channel mix fits your need best - I did a switch from VIP (the middle one) and actually saw a substantial decrease in my pricing for home phone, cable and Internet, with an improvement on our Internet speeds and cap, and we took the list of channels that we watched after doing that careful check of what we actually watched.


Go on your box for cable, and hide everything you don't watch from settings, and choose your must haves and mark them as favourites, then put them in a spreadsheet.


When we did the comparison of different packages at that time, we saved huge dollars by going down to the middle package, and adding one theme pak and one channel and the choice of bonus channel.  We owned our box too, so that also led to decrease on the marketed price because it includes the box price in the packages.


Give yourself time - working through this process took us about 3 weeks to complete the exercise of first, what do we really watch, and what are "like to have's not don't want to live without it", and then narrowing down to within that group, what can we live without.  Get to know your desires and what you are willing to pay for it.


And when you start your phone calls, you will get the first line CSR's first (they don't have much options), but it may meet your desires and you can choose there.  I did about 5 phone calls to gather all information, wrap my head around it and make the decisions.  We are still doing this, because we still have to reduce costs on our fixed income.


I used to be paying over 200.00 with taxes and discounts in, I can assure you I am not near that anymore.


If you can't get to where you want to be with the first level, contact @CommunityHelps, they can work with you, or you can also do the following - phone in and choose cable services, changes, or cancellations options.  You will often get another first level person at changes, but just have your notes pulled up, and say you need to talk with a customer relations person, explaining your goal of building the best model of services for your desires, and you understand their limitations (ask directly do you have the ability to look at additional options beyond what the other person did - if not, ask for customer relations) - if you have already talked to the first level reps, you can also go with the thought of discussing cancellations on that phone option under cable services choices as that is exactly what you are discussing, cancellation of an existing service, that is probably on month to month contract and considering other options, one of which the reality for all of us, is a completely different service model (over the top, antenna, live without, etc and other providers).

Do you homework, take your time, be patient.  I have had good success this way in the past and as of recent - I am as low as I can go, and reality is next step is no cable for me, which is feasible since we can get all network channels US and Canada in the GTA area from an antenna.


Best of luck on your journey, but I am confident you can find a mix that will work for you and save money too.



Re: Cable TV Package Channel Comparison Spreadsheet

I Plan to Stick Around

<Sigh> Another yearly negotiation with Rogers TV/Internet. My Internet bill increased about $35 and after an online chat with friendly and helpful Monique in Moncton, I managed to get an upgrade to Ignite 150 and a comparable package for TV for approximately the same money per month I was paying before. Of course my old VIP and Ignite 100 plans were expired so I couldn't get a discount any longer. Why this goes on every year is beyond me. They never advise you, you suddenly get a big increase and have to call them or use the chat line. Annoying.

My wife checked her favorite channels and she still has them so all's well until April 2019 I guess.