Cable Box Not Connecting To Network

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Cable Box Not Connecting To Network

I have a Scientific Atlanta basic digital cable box. Yesterday I turned the tv on and the guide was on but empty, and none of the channels were showing any picture. I rebooted the cable box by unplugging from the wall for a couple minutes, but it still had the same issue. Figured there was probably a cable outage and just went to bed. This morning it is still not working, cant' see the guide at all, and a message pops up saying it can't connect to the network. I went on to my Rogers account online and requested a box reset, but that didn't  do anything and I'm still getting the same message. This cable box is still new, just got it about a month ago. All the lights on my cable modem are on and my other Rogers services (home phone and internet) are working fine. Could there be a cable outage or is there some other problem on my end? Thoughts? Thanks!




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Re: Cable Box Not Connecting To Network

It is possible its a cable outage.

Best way to find out, is to call in.  They can from there also try to remote into the box, see if they can see it, etc.


Worse case they can send a technician out.  Nothing has changed, so it shouldnt be cabling.. but its always still a possiblility.  Usualy when stuff like that happens, its due to it not being able to get a signal.

Could be, a splitter or something has partialy fried, the lead that goes to that outlet, etc.  A tech could look at this.

Its possible, it could be something on the box went though 😞

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Re: Cable Box Not Connecting To Network

You were possibly disconnected by accident (maybe on purpose if you didn't pay your bill!)