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CRTC Needs Your Input

Wireless code of conduct: CRTC asks for Canadians’ input.




The CRTC has opened their site asking for the public to input their thoughts on an upcoming wireless code of conduct pertaining to cell phone use.   Rocket hubs are wireless devices and deserve to be included in this upcoming draft with respect to contracts, etc. I have posted my comments and you should post yours.



My entry.

Why has the CRTC not covered the use of Rocket Hub or Turbo Hub equipment which also use wireless signal for cell phone and internet? These devices have been overlooked in this exercise and should have been included in all aspects of the CRTC draft intended to become law. The hubs are wireless phones just like a cell phone and have the same issues as the cell phone contracts. As well the providers fail to apply fair charges for internet services as well as limiting internet use. These devices were designed to be used while travelling or moving about locally but are increasingly becoming the internet/phone of choice in the rural community and now the rural users are finding they are being gouged horribly for their user charges particularly for internet use. Complaints of unfair fees for internet service to providers falls on deaf ears. Please help those deaf ears to hear once again.



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Re: CRTC Needs Your Input

@eddy and you all:


Right on the Money.  That is right on your Money and the Money that the Canadian cell providers and ISP's get from you!


Topics that should be of interest to all who use data devices, and specifically RocketHubs are:


1. Data usage and how it is measured by, in this case Rogers;


2. Dispute resolution mechanisms when the data usage Rogers bills you for is different from what you legitimately believe you should be paying fore;


3. The handling by Rogers of downtime and Internet disconnects which, it can be demonstrated, are caused by the cell network and probably insufficient infrastructure capacity.  Why should the Rogers RocketHub customer continue to pay the full contracted charges when Roges is not delivering the full contracted services?


4. Issues associated with "ownership" of the RocketHub device at the end of a contract, or immediately, if you purchase the device from Rogers outright.  When you want/need Rogers to "unlock" the RocketHub at the end of the contract, how will this be handled, and what charges will apply.  What actually is unlocking of a RocketHub anyway?  This is not quite the same as unlocking a cellphone.  Does that mean that Rogers now gives you root access to the device because you are now the outright owner of the device?  I know that with my Ericsson W35 RocketHub I cannot use it on another, competing cell network unless some currently inaccessible parameters are appropriately changed.  For that I would need root acces.


The above points need to be submitted to the CRTC during this period of comment/input on their draft Code of Conduct.


I think others may come up with additional points that would require attention when using a RocketHub.  Please post here to let us know what you come up with.