CIsco DPC3825 TERRIBLE; How do I work around it?

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Re: CIsco DPC3825 TERRIBLE; How do I work around it?



You stated: "You will also enjoy DHCP IP assignment on both routers."  I'm not sure what you mean by "enjoy", but I would caution against having two DHCP servers on your network.  It can be made to work, but it is not necessary in most home networks, and will certainly have at least the potential to create problems.  The setup of such a multi-DHCP server setup is complicated and requires specialized knowledge and network configuration.  I would not advise doing it in a home network under most conditions.


The use of two (or more) DHCP servers on the same network can create conflicts between them both in terms of multiple DHCP responses and in terms of potentially providing duplicate IP address assignments to different devices on the same network.  Although it might well work most of the time, you will create the potential for some really freaky IP address assignment issues.


I also find your advice to enable the firewalls on both devices to be problematic.  Why would you need two firewalls in your home network????  This is not usually required unless you are setting up a more specialized network topology which includes a so-called DMZ.  In that case you would need to custom-configure the firewalls to perform the required functions, depending on their location/position on the network.  This custom configuration is well beyond what normally is discussed in this Forum, and very much dependent on the specific needs and applications running on the network.


So please be careful when following the advice given in arnym27's posting.


I would be happy to hear other comments on this.  At this time, I do not have the opportunity to do a more extensive posting on how to attach an outboard router to a DPC3825, although this has been discussed extensively by others here in this Forum.



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Re: CIsco DPC3825 TERRIBLE; How do I work around it?

how to work arround it is not so easy.


everyone that has a combo device that already has a router needs to call rogers every day to tell them YOU just want a modem and not a combo.


it is absolutly stupid to rout data 2 times. what is the point of having a combo if you "disable" the router part it, if at all it can be disabled.

im so sick of companies trying to make us do what they want. no that is not how it should be. consumers say what happens, so lets start. cancel the service if you have to make a point. i did, they would not use my modem SB6120 on thier network. i found another company that would use it and it was cheaper price and more download limit.


so rogers smarten up ... smart people want more or no download limit and no over price bandwidth.(300gig limit is a start)


the younger people of today will start paying for service in the future and they will not stand for this when they are ready.

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Re: CIsco DPC3825 TERRIBLE; How do I work around it?

second... if you have the extreme or express or lite service... buy this modem dcm425. after that use your own router and that is it. i just checked it is supported on the rogers network.



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Re: CIsco DPC3825 TERRIBLE; How do I work around it?

While yes you can use that modem on the network, it is only a D2 modem.

They will not be able to assign any of the newer plan codes with it, and you will only get the D2 listed speeds/caps.

I am NOT saying this is RIGHT for them to do it this way, just stating a fact as to what they are able to do on their system presently.



Not everyone had the choice of droping the service.. they may not have other equivelent services available. 


As described in this thread, are the ways of working around this (and the other devices) currently to be able to use your own device.. no extra routing, etc as needed.
When you bridge mode the gateway, it turns it litteraly into a modem like you would have otherwise.. no double routing, etc


I 100% agree, that we SHOULDNT have to do this.. that a stand alone D3 modem should be available. 

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Re: CIsco DPC3825 TERRIBLE; How do I work around it?

no one has to do what i say im just giving options.



sure let the companies take over its fine i love paying more money then is needed or have to because im rich working at $14/hour.


companies will change if consumers make them. one person nor 1000 can do it.. everyone has too. im just saying...


thats it for me.

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Re: CIsco DPC3825 TERRIBLE; How do I work around it?

I am not arguing that fact.. yes, its true, sometimes the only way for them to learn, is for them to loose all their customers.

Unfortunately, i would have no internet, if i did that.  So personaly, its not an option 😛

(and because i have tv and phone as well, the unlmimited internet plan, at the speed level i am at, it is actualy CHEAPER than the competitors at the equivelent speed.)

I wasnt posting to argue or anything, just to inform others who may look at the thread, that yes, they can get that modem, but be prepared for the account limitations... as well as the how they can bypass the current gateway... until rogers so chooses to listen to it customers and provide a stand alone, at least as an option.

As you said.. its an option for everyone.  Stay, Go, what hardware to use, etc 🙂 everyone has to make that call on their own.

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Re: CIsco DPC3825 TERRIBLE; How do I work around it?

your funny. 3rd party suppliers are and will always be cheaper then the main companies. look it up... i did. at all speeds available to 3rd parties also the download limit... as long as the person doesnt go higher then the last 3 options its fine even with IPv6 which is not going to be fully rolled out for a while. to recover the cost of the modem the person would have to keep using for 1 year 2 months at a $4.00 per month retenl fee. IPv6 will not be done in that time.


but anyway we are side tracked.... back to topic which is done.


i have a phone line paid $110 back in 2008 and have not paid since i can call basicaly anywhere in canada for no charge. but if i choose to pay for long distance it is cheap starting at 0.01 per min.


dont need tv i stream everything. from the channels web sites... ie. CBS....etc


if people would smarten up canada, canada might be caught up with the rest of the world in price for speed and download.


remember the days when the internet was not around and people went outside. no internet is always an option, its not food nor water those we need.


its not you im just venting....

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Re: CIsco DPC3825 TERRIBLE; How do I work around it?

I digress.  For the same speed options, same service (cable, not dsl), in the last month techsavvy now has access to all rogers customers in ontario.  Their Internet is $3 cheaper for unlimited than what i currently pay.

(unfortunately, im in an area, where the bell lines SUCK, and only DSL services available are 6mb)


Though its likely a pipe dream... all we can hope for.. is some eventual change...


We never thought there would be unlimited again.. there is that option presently.
Cell phone contracts as they were, we thought would never disapear.. they have (its just hardware repayment now with flex tab)

Thought they would never allow unlocking while in contract... well thats changed 3 months now.


So there IS the possibility, of them making a change... MAYBE.. someday.
Hopefuly that includes the availability of a stand alone modem, instead of having to use devices like the topics DPC3825.


Until then.. people like me and some others here.. try to help on ALTERNATIVES to use what is currently available (for people like me who DONT have much other choice in providers).. and make it work.

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Re: CIsco DPC3825 TERRIBLE; How do I work around it?

>While you CAN set up wireless on both, and have it do switching between them.. unless you need the extra rang, the DPC >doesnt do it very well.  I have DHCP ON, and wirless OFF on the DCP.

>Then on the Linkysy, turn DHCP OFF, and configure your wireless how you want to.

>Now, the only thing other than that i had to change.. i did have port forwarding set up on the linksys before for a few apps.. >these settings now have to be put on the DPC, instead of the other router.
>You are effectively running a wireless router, as an access point.


I did this, and it works great. The other benefit of doing this is with my DCP in Bridge mode, my connection speed dropped. By allowing the DCP to manage being the gateway, and DHCP, my connection speed is back to normal.


One question though, how do I access my Linksys now that it is only a wireless access point? I can get to the DCP just fine.






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Re: CIsco DPC3825 TERRIBLE; How do I work around it?

Hey flstf,

I have this exact setup and it works great as well 🙂
(Was on the dcp, now on the smc, but same setup)

What do you have your linksys ip set as? It may be in conflict with the gateway.

Plug directly into the linksys (unplugged from the dcp for now) and go to its management IP address.
You will want to make sure its in the same range, but different than the dcp.

IE: my gateway is, I set my routers ip to be

Should then be able to access both 🙂