CIsco DPC3825 TERRIBLE; How do I work around it?

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Re: CIsco DPC3825 TERRIBLE; How do I work around it?

>What do you have your linksys ip set as? It may be in conflict with the gateway.
>Plug directly into the linksys (unplugged from the dcp for now) and go to its management IP address.
>You will want to make sure its in the same range, but different than the dcp.
>IE: my gateway is, I set my routers ip to be
>Should then be able to access both 




Since I've turned off DHCP on the Linksys, it is being issued an IP by the DPC. I can access the DPC interface and see that the router has been issued By even trying your suggestion of the direct connect to a Linksys port, I can't access the router. I also tried the Linksys default of, (with the DPC disconnected) but no luck either.


Short of resetting the Linksys, to factory default, I'm not sure what else I can do.




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Re: CIsco DPC3825 TERRIBLE; How do I work around it?

Turning off dhcp on the linksys will only stop it serving addresses (which is what you want).
But if its being given .10, might be able to access via that... (wonder if because its being given one and not entered in the config as the management port you can't get to it)

It may be best to do a reset and go fresh.
Make sure to direct connect to it, WITHOUT it plugged into the gateway. At this point your not worrying about connectivity, just to do the setup.
Connect in with the default. Go in and set passwords, security, etc as you wish. Make sure dhcp is off.

Again I have this setup. On the main setup config page, under the router address part, I have entered the

Plug into the gateway, and you should be set. I can get to both, over wireless, wired, etc from anywhere on the network.

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Re: CIsco DPC3825 TERRIBLE; How do I work around it?

the DPC3825 may be a good modem but it is a horrible, horrible router. I got one 2 months ago when my old cisco died (June 2013 as I type this), and I was pulling my hair out for weeks trying to figure out what the problem was. I started a new job about the same time and was give an older Dell laptop and I naturally assumed the problem was with the laptop (software, network card, virus, etc.) Over several weeks I systematically spent hour after hour chasing different rabbits down the hole, never thinking the problem could be a brand new router issued by Rogers. 


Finally I set up my 10-year old Linksys router and amazingly I have steady uninterrupted wireless signals throughout my entire house. 


Shame on Rogers for continually putting these sub-standard devices out into the field. Shame. Shame.

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Re: CIsco DPC3825 TERRIBLE; How do I work around it?

Is the DPC3825 the fastest modem/gateway they offer?  I have Hi-Speed Extreme Plus and rent the SMC modem right now and a Rogers technician told me the other day that I could improve things by using "our faster modem", but never specified the model number.  My fault, I should have asked.  He suggested I swap it at my nearest store.

I have the SMCD3GN-RRR in Bridged Mode as I use my own high-speed router and of course I would need to have the new one also in bridged mode.  I gather one can do that oneself or simply call Rogers and have them do it.


Toronto, Downtown

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Re: CIsco DPC3825 TERRIBLE; How do I work around it?

I've got exactly the same problem.

Wireless signal drops and even when I put my modem and laptop on the table few centimeters apart from each other the issue was still there.

I tried:

1. replacing the modem

2. buying a router and switching modem to a bridge mode

3. resetting/rebooting modem

4. shutting off all other wireless devices including bluetooth and home wireless phone

5. using different laptops

6. positioning modem at different angles

7. changing wifi channels

8.calling Rogers technitian to move cable to another spot

9. calling Rogers support

10. banging head against a wall

11. torturing voodoo doll of the modem's designer (scratch that)


None of that helped.


Connection is still horrible. Rogers support was polite but useless.

Replacing CIsco DPC3825 to a more expensive device after buying Asus router doesn't seem like a good idea.

Gonna try hard wiring house with CAT6 ethernet and using wifi just for ipads that suck anyway..


Never had that problem with 5-years old Primus router. Too bad I've got exclusive Rogers service in my area. 😞

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Re: CIsco DPC3825 TERRIBLE; How do I work around it?

Personally I'm all for #11.  Great idea.  Realistically, the best thing you could do is put the 3825 in bridge mode and use your own router for everything else, wired and wireless.  You will be much happier with the result.  If you read through the posts in the forum, you will see that all of Rogers combo modem / wifi devices have a bad reputation when it comes to wifi performance, so when in doubt, bridge mode and third party router.  I've used the 3825 and now CGN3, wired for my office, and through house Cat 5e to the other side of the house to a dlink router for wifi.  Never had any issues with that configuration, and I think I've saved myself from more than a few head banging sessions as a result.  I don't use bridge mode, just run gateway mode, turn off the wifi and never use it, at least for the 2.4 Ghz network, soon to be joined by the 5 Ghz network when I replace the dlink router.


Is your house completely wired with structured wiring, which is a combo set of cables run to every comms outlet?  Usually 2 x RG6 with one Cat 5e and one Cat 3 or possibly 5e for telephone.  If the RG6 is already run with connectors installed at the wallplates, you can park the modem wherever you want, and then run a Cat 5e feed down to a gigabit switch in the basement to connect all of the other rooms.  Just wondering as you were indicating running Cat 6?


Rereading your post, here are a few more questions:


1.  What router did you buy in order to improve your wifi performance.


2.  Have you looked at your wifi environment to see what interference might exist, which could give you problems with your own wifi.  If not, go to the following link and download and install inSSIDER on one of your laptops and then have a look at the wifi channels that are in use around your home that originate from your neighbours routers.  This is the last freebie version of inSSIDER.


3,  When you connected your Asus router with your bridged 3825 did you use a commercially produced Cat 5e cable or house ethernet (Cat 5e I presume)?


4.  What is the wired performance like, ie what does a wired speedtest show, and what plan are you on?

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Resident Expert
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Re: CIsco DPC3825 TERRIBLE; How do I work around it?

Hmm.  At min.. getting a 3rd party router.. even a cheaper one... and putting the unit into bridge mode.. SHOULD fix most wireless issues, especially if you are even right near the modem.


It does sound like to me, that something is amiss.

Does the same dropouts or anything happen, if you are WIRED into it?

(just trying to eliminate an issue of the MODEM droping... so signal dropout, etc)


Otherwise, i would have to agree with Datalink.. that its likely a wireless interfearance issue.