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CGN3 Hitron, Cannot configure in

I've Been Here Awhile

I just got the cgn3 Hitron and when I go into the address I can login, but then cannot click any link.  It keeps me on the one page and nothing works.


How am I able to configure my settings?



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Re: CGN3 Hitron, Cannot configure in

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You can alternatively configure CGN3 with the provided USB key.

Re: CGN3 Hitron, Cannot configure in

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
It's possible that is not the default address for it as well.

What is your current internal IP address? The gateway should be the .1 of that range.

The gateway could be for example. Not necessarily .0.1
Alternatively the USB key should allow as well as tedd13 said

Re: CGN3 Hitron, Cannot configure in

I've Been Here Awhile

Thank you.... clearly I am not so savvy..... Have looked at the USB but do not for the life of me see where I can change the WEP






You should be able to access the gateway settings through  For help to setup your wireless network please click the following link.



Re: CGN3 Hitron, Cannot configure in

Unfortunately thats about as far as i can help 😞
I dont have that one, so the specifics are a little different for each.. so cant help much more.

Did you try as per my sugestions above if its a different IP for the web interface?

Re: CGN3 Hitron, Cannot configure in

I Plan to Stick Around

I just started a 150/() plan with Rogers. Everything works fine but I can't reliably access the modem to change some settings. First, I managed to change the IP to and I also disabled WiFi. Now if I login to the modem using the default login I get a page. If I try to change to another tab, say the Port Forwarding one, then the web server in the modem stops responding and I log out. Even the log out isn't clean. Basically I can't change anything unless it's on the page when I first log in. I am logging in via a wired connection. The Internet connection is great but it would be nice to deal with the web interface. Could it be the result of changing the modem's IP to Is the modem defective?

Also, was I supposed to get a username/password for connecting to the Rogers' network?


Edit: I finally managed to get to the Port Forwarding tab using an iPad but I had to wait quite a while between failed attempts. Very rough configuration settings' interface.

Re: CGN3 Hitron, Cannot configure in

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

The user interface for the CGN3 is slow, no doubt about that.  I suspect that you might have firmware version loaded.  That can be confirmed on the Status page which is the first page you see when you log into the modem.  If so, take a read thru the following summary for that version:


When you are changing pages or tabs, select the next tab and wait for it to load before selecting another tab.  If you don't wait, I've found that the CGN3 can't keep up to the page changes that you select.  Eventually it just hangs on an incomplete page.


Firmware version should be pushed out to your modem within the next three to four days although it should only take 48 hours.  if after that that point in time the update still has not arrived, call tech support and ask to have it pushed out to the modem.  This version resolves the issue of port throttling with 10/100 Mb/s device ports as described in the summary.


Don't use the Setup USB drive that comes with the modem.  Get rid of it. If you have to make any changes, log into the modem and make that changes through the user interface.  If you really need a guest network, you would be much better off buying a good third party router to do that.


You don't need a password for the Rogers network.  The cable modem is online all the time, unless of course you decide to leave it powered down.


If you need help with anything, don't hesitate to ask.

Re: CGN3 Hitron, Cannot configure in

I Plan to Stick Around

When you say modem IP are you referring to the defult gateway as you can't change your modems IP address. if you have changed your defult gateway you may have issues while inside the HITRON cgn3 firmware as I know that it doesnt like any changes made. I would suggest give it a simple factory reset and reset it back up. sometimes factory resetting will also push any firmwares that are pending your way. check on the status to see what firmware you do have.

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