CGN2-ROG Portfowarding

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CGN2-ROG Portfowarding

So everything i can find seems to tell me Portforwarding is not working for the CGN2-ROG i tried calling support and they pretty much said we cant help you, like thats very helpful the one time i accually need help they do nothing, but any way what am i to do then? i cant even play the games im trying to play unless i can open the ports i'm at a major loss and and getting severly dissapointed in the service provided -_-


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Re: CGN2-ROG Portfowarding

Port forwarding.. is not a guaranteed part of the service... that being said.. its something simple, and generally SHOULD work.

(i am really suprised they havent updated the firmware to fix it... but i guess they are pushing the CGN3)


You do have potentially a few options, depending on which way you want to go about it.


A ) Do you have or used to use, a 3rd party router with just a modem?  You can set up the CGN2 in BRIDGED MODE, efectively turning it into a modem only, then use the port forwarding, etc on the router itself instead.

B ) Which internet package are you on?  In most cases, you should be able to swap modems around..  You can call in and ask if they can give you one of the other ones, the SMC or Cisco, in which the port forwarding does work.

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Re: CGN2-ROG Portfowarding

You should also confirm you are having a port forwarding issue by temporarily putting that device on the DMZ. If you continue to have problems, then it may be other issues causing the problem for you.