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I've Been Around

I saw a similiar post about this but I thought I would add more detail. (This is about a cell phone, btw). Before anyone asks, I've complained to Rogers multiple times about this and have also put myself on the no-call list with no luck. Rogers only offered me to change my number, which I do not want to do.


This appears to be a Rogers-based problem (from what I've heard by asking others). Since about last October (could be longer) I've been receiving calls from numbers that have the same first six digits as my own number. At first I didn't notice, but after a while I caught on that throughout the day I got calls from these similiar numbers to mine, and when I picked up, it would be some obvious spam - always (as far as I can remember) pretending to be from an airline company, stating along the lines of "Your trip on Air Canada/from Pearson (etc.) has been selected to win. Press 1 for more details" (the message is automated). I have never pressed 1 but have been tempted to.


Now, simutaniously, I was receivng calls from people claiming that I had called them, when I hadn't (call log showed nothing). Again, they had the same first six digits in their phone number as I do. So now I was suspicious. One time that I got a call from a similiar number, picked up, it was spam (same old message). I hung up, called back, and it was an older lady. I told her I had the wrong number.


So here's what's happening. Someone is spoofing numbers starting with the same six digits and using these numbers to call everyone with these six digits. When you pick up, it's spam. If you call back, it's a normal cell phone number belonging to someone.


I've talked to lots of people who have called me thinking I called them - they are all different and can't possibly know each other. I had a huge amount of trouble talking to Rogers tech support who did not seem to care at all. They claimed it was a group of people working together with the same number who want my number, and are bullying me (yeah right).


Something needs to be done about this. I'm not sure if Rogers can do anything, but there should be some sort of community notice so that some unfortunate people don't get scammed. Like I said, this has been happening since last year (I have the call logs to prove it as well).


Any ideas? I want to get more people involved so that if we push hard enough something has to be done.


Thanks for listening!



Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Bar changing your number.. there is not much that CAN be done 😞

With most current higher end phone systems.. the caller ID can be manipulated.
They could go in and put  555-555-5555 or 000-000-0000 or whatever number they so chose.. including yours.
Hence why the people on the other side, might be seing it as YOUR number calling them.


The DNC list... cant do much.
Really, all the DNC list does.. is put you on a list saying you dont want to be called.
IF someone does call you, and you are on the list... you can REPORT them, and they will be fined.
Problem being.. you need their full name/business info (which is hard to get.. ask any of these callers that do have live and they wont give it to you)... as well as the number... which can be spoofed.


Pretty much, they are using the technology available, to be able to get around the DNC list stuff 😞

Now.. there is suposed to be some new SPAM laws comming into effect... which may cover some of this...

BUT.. really wont help with them using your number, etc .


This is very much the same as people being able to spoof your email address. Scammers send out these all the time and it appears you have sent the message. You'd think with all the technology available these days that these loop holes would be closed. There's no excuse for letting someone spoof your phone number or email address. Allowing these things is just contributing to the spam/scam problem.


This happened to me today. I received a call from an irate gentleman demanding to know why I keep calling them. I told him he must have the wrong number but he insisted he had the right number and demanded to know my name. He ended with a "stop calling me" to which I replied "no you don't call me".


I suspect he's also been a victim of the scam. I also get the calls where the number on caller ID shows up as the same first six digits with only the last 4 changed. But I now that it's being spoofed. 


Anyway, since this guy is convinced I'm making the calls to him I called Rogers just to ensure there's a record in case he calls me again and escalates with threats beyond demanding to know my name. I'll try to tell him to call the police or rogers and they will be able to verify it's a caller id spoof but he didn't seem to be in a listening mood. 


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Yes, this is caller ID spoofing the telemarketers are using now. They spoof a number with the same 3 digit prefix as yours so you think it's a neighbour and answer the phone.  There's no way you can even report it because the number is fake.


There are three ways I usually handle telemarketers.


1. Just take the call and hang up.


2. Ignore it and let the machine answer.


3. Take it and give the phone to one of my toddler grandchildren.


Of course, if you have the patience, you can see if there's an option to tell them to take your number off their list, but I wouldn't hold my breath. In fact, telemarketers have been known to use the national do not call registry to harvest prospects.

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I Plan to Stick Around

So I'm getting bombarded with spam voicemail messages on my Pay-As-You-Go account.

This is getting too expensive!

Don't really need the voicemail, so how do I get rid of it?


I Plan to Stick Around

Nevermind, I see another thread about this and will call the phone number there.


I'm a Senior Advisor

There used to be a selection to remove voicemail, but it never worked. The only way to do that is to call the number. Voicemail will eat up your balance faster than calls and texts.

Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario


855-415-2112. I have been called by the number in the early morning of very day (I'm travelling).   When I pick up the automated message (I'm assuming it's automated) hangs up.


Please explore this and put a stop to this annoyance!






Hello @PeterSammon,


I can understand your frustration. I just tried calling that number and you have to leave a voicemail with your phone number in order to be removed from their calling list.


Hope this helps.