Buyers Beware! - Off-contract buying full priced phones may add a flex-tab!

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Buyers Beware! - Off-contract buying full priced phones may add a flex-tab!

Bear with me for a bit (I apologize for the wall of text)


On my account there are two wireless numbers associated with it. One for my sister and another for me. My plan expires in one year, and my sister's is eligible for a phone/plan upgrade since last year. When the Galaxy Note 3 came out, I really wanted it. But my sister also wanted the iphone 5s. What we decided was to upgrade my sister's plan and get the Note 3 at reduced cost and buy the iphone 5s at full price at an Apple Store.


On Saturday, October 19th we went to Markville Apple Store and bought the 32GB Champagne Gold Iphone 5s for roughly 950$ (full-price tax incld.) and was SIM switched by an Apple employee (due to her old phone's sim being incompatible). On October 22nd I went to get the Note 3 at a Roger's Authorized Dealership and was told my sister's number has a FLEXtab amount of $468.63 due to it having bought an iphone 5s. Here's the thing: we bought the iphone at full price AND at an Apple store, so why is there a flextab balance?


I waited 2 weeks for a black version of Note 3 and checked my sister's number was eligible for an upgrade before pre-ordering. What is infuriating is that I was told the preorder will take one week but instead took two weeks, and then when it finally arrives i'm all excited just to hear that the account is suddenly ineligible. I'm told it will take another week before I will get an answer as to why I am suddenly uneligible to upgrade without an early upgrade fee. THIS IS RIDICULOUS.


I will update this when I hear a reply from Rogers regarding this case, so other can avoid this waste of time and irritiating issue this is.


tl;dr  buying a full priced iphone 5s at Apple puts a FLEXtab balance on your account and screws your plans up


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Re: Buyers Beware! - Off-contract buying full priced phones may add a flex-tab!

I am GUESSING that the person at the apple store.. that when they added the phone to the rogers account.. they entered it as a contract phone, and not an outright buy 😞

Hopefully you can get it resolved.