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Buy a new non-rogers cable modem

I've Been Here Awhile

Currently I am renting a Motorola SURFboard (SB5120) Modem from Rogers, Can I buy a same model or (SB5100 or SB5101 ) from outside and replace the rental> Do I need to get it activate from Rogers?



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Re: Buy a new non-rogers cable modem

I've Been Around

I am little confused on model of Motorola modem, in Rogers website only list Motorola SB5100, SB5101, and SB5120, but some retailer say also SB5101N be supported by Rogers, is that correct?

Re: Buy a new non-rogers cable modem

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I would advise to stick with either SB5100, SB5101, and SB5120 if you do plan to purchase a Docsis 2.0 modem.  The SB5101N is a modem that should technically work on our network but is sold to work on Tekksavvy.

Re: Buy a new non-rogers cable modem

How about the Zoom DOCSIS 3.Cable Modem 0

WIll Rogers deign to allow or do I call Bell?

Re: Buy a new non-rogers cable modem

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I am pretty sure Rogers will not allow it.

Re: Buy a new non-rogers cable modem

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Is it possible that one of the Moderators can meet with Rogers CSR dept and get some sort of standard policy established regarding adding compatible modems  such as the Motorola SB 5100 series?  


In several threads,  either you or one of your fellow moderators have stated  clearly that Rogers does allow alternate approved DOCSIS 2 modems to be added, but as you can read from several forum members,   this does NOT appear to be the case when they phone and try to actually get one added.


Rogers is not the only source for this hardware, and the CSRs are taking the position that if the modem SN does not appear in the Rogers database,  then they will just not add it to the system.    You are stating the exact opposite. 


How about getting this policy clarified once and for all so that people do not end up wasting their money based on the advise received from Rogers employees / moderators in this forum.   


It doesn't make sense for one person at Rogers to say one thing and another to say the exact opposite.