Business cul-de-sac requesting a Rogers line

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Business cul-de-sac requesting a Rogers line

Hey who would I have to talk to in order to request an internet line be placed?


Currently located in an industrial area near Markham Rd. and Hwy 401 with the fastest speed available from Bell DSL 25/5. Networked with 5+ workstations and 10+ business phones, our cloud based software is basically hindering productivity.


Bell outright refused even though their local service center is RIGHT BEHIND US in location. Even though their Fibre line (as does Rogers) runs at the crest of our street, they're not willing to extend it 200ft in.




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Re: Business cul-de-sac requesting a Rogers line

Hello @abscresttech,


Welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your interest 🙂


Please follow this link here:


If you click on "Setting Up New Services" you'll find the contact info you need to have your request looked into.