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Buried cable issues with construction next door

I Plan to Stick Around

Hello Community,


I am not 100% sure where this should go so I placed it here in Account Support.


My anxiety levels are through the roof and would like help/advice. Next door, they are converting a house in to 2 separate apartments. During construction of laying new electrical lines for service, they had someone out checking the lines. When they dug, they cut my cable as the line as it runs in between the 2 homes.


I went out on several occassions to remind them to be aware and the answer I got was, "We just check for service lines, not cable or phone" and surprise, the line was cut. Rogers was great and got someone out quick although I did lose a days work and had to pay huge costs for my mobility plan as I work from home.


Well, a new crew is out there and they cut the line to the neighbours on the other side. The cable box is on my property and lines run along the curtsied to the neighbours in our court. I see the Main trunk line which is about 3-4" thick. They are being gentle with this line but as I stated right up front, my anxiety is through the roof that they will cut that line. With the pandemic having everyone at home, we have a full house of students and my wife and I working from home. She's a teacher and needs the access.


my question is there a department or someone I can contact regarding this?? an Ombudsman of sorts? This is ridiculous that these companies can just come in and cause such chaos. There answers are "it's easier to get Rogers to come out and fix it than worry about it" which i in turn replied "have you ever tried to get a tech out in a RUSH?? Doesn't happen?! never mind having a crew to come bury lines" 


Just really feeling nervous and venting as well. This is so ridiculous that this would happen.


thanks in advance for any help.


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Re: Buried cable issues with construction next door


Hello, @karl_kennedy


We appreciate you posting your concern in the Community.


I can imagine how frustrating it is to deal with having your cable line cut by construction in a time where it is so important to stay connected.


I do not blame you for having anxiety from witnessing this but rest assured if there was any damage done to the cables we would have our maintenance repair teams out as quickly as possible to address it for you. This type of work is considered high-priority.


We at Rogers have limited control over this type of activity. You can reach out to the construction company or even the regional municipality to complain about the construction company. I am hopeful they will be gentle with the cables going forward.


Let us know if you run into any connectivity issues and we can investigate it for you.





Re: Buried cable issues with construction next door

I Plan to Stick Around

So, let me get this straight.


Rogers does not have ONE person in there corporation that monitors or co-ordinates burying cable lines??


I understand fully that Rogers hires third-party contractors to actually do the physical labour, but there is no "department" in that HUGE corporation that I can maybe speak with someone and discuss all the mishaps and/or disruptions in service on my little corner of the globe??


i find that very hard to believe and if it is true, then what a disappointment. I bet Rogers spends millions of dollars in service calls per year because of these mistakes and should probably get on a more governing body to help go after these people. I also feel that it's a shame that I spend so much money on my internet service but yet each and every time I turn to Rogers for "support" I'm told "it's just one of those things" or "it's out of our control". I'm already accepting the fact that Rogers falsely implies the 1GB speeds but this is just even more ridiculous.


In this strange time, where being online and having access is paramount for everyday life, Rogers is telling me they "have limited control over this type of activity" and it's up to me to reach out and do the dirty work, not them which whom I pay a fortune compared to the rest of the planet. Very apathetic Rogers. My anxiety are now even higher.

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