Browser "hanging" on web pages all the time?? Change the dns to Google default!!

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Browser "hanging" on web pages all the time?? Change the dns to Google default!!

Noticed Rogers keeps hanging on internet pages longer and longer over the last 3-4 weeks or so... you know, that friggin annoying 4-5 seconds before a page gets downloaded?? I've noticed it is getting worse and worse over the last month. Used to be lightning fast like half a second or less now it's like watching marijuana grow (which is still fast compared to grass growing but yall get the drift). If you're experience the crap I am just change the dns to Google public dns default for preferred and for alternate. Problem solved...


For those not aware of how to do this just check this link. About 1/3 page down.





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Re: Browser "hanging" on web pages all the time?? Change the dns to Google default!!

Thanks for the advice pac_west227! 🙂

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Re: Browser "hanging" on web pages all the time?? Change the dns to Google default!!



thanks for the posting.  Rogers seems to forget that our Internet experience depends on more  than just raw data throughput.  Not that Rogers raw data throughput is always as advertised, but that is a different issue entirely.


Rogers DNS servers are notoriously unreliable.  This has been mentioned often in this Forum.


What many do not realize is that speedy DNS performance is an important, if not the most important factor to the average person doing normal web access/surfing activities.  In order to bring up a given web page, numerous DNS requests can be required.  Improving DNS response times gives continual positive paybacks in speed and overal browser response.  So tracking, and hopefully improving the DNS resources we use is an important optimizing activity.


As others, including you have mentioned, it is wise not to use Rogers-supplied DNS services.  There are a number of ways to improve our use of DNS services.  That is a whole technical topic of its own.  See the following to benchmark your DNS performance:


Here they discuss how to check and optimize your DNS performance.  Two free DNS benchmarking tools are mentioned and can be downloaded for you to use to check out your DNS performance.  You will see recommendations from these programs on how to improve your DNS performance.


Please note that depending on your location on the Internet you may find that different DNS servers work for you as compared to what might be best for me.  The Google DNS addresses and are in many cases good choices.  But in your location there could be better ones.  These programs will help you find them.


If  you have questions on how to interpret the results, or wish help on implementing DNS improvements, post here and ask questions.