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Broken cable line in house?

I've Been Here Awhile

Wondering if someone can answer this question. I have two nextbox pvr’s in my house. The one in the basement is working fine, the one in my living room will not show any channels, but will show recorded content. It also brings up the full guide for the tv channels, but shows all the channels as being “unauthorized”. A tech was here today and told my husband the that line to the living room box is broken somewhere inside the house and that we might have to get an electrician to fish another line through.

How can it be showing the guide, if the cable line is broken? Wouldn’t the guide not show up if it didn’t have any signal?


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Re: Broken cable line in house?

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Community Manager

Hey @Hundalei,


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Where some of the features are working, I would be wondering the same. It is possible the signal is strong enough to load the guide information, however, not strong enough to provide all your channels. We should be able to run a new coaxial cable from an alternative location to get you up and running though. 


You can reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps and we can test your signal and make sure there isn't something we're missing. Please click HERE, for instructions on how to send a PM.




Re: Broken cable line in house?

As Tim said.. it might be enough to get some very basics, very low signal, enough that some basic things like the guide data may load, etc.. but not strong enough to load the channels themselves.

As he mentioned.. Rogers themselves can SOMETIMES do something.. but not necessarily how/what you want the cable to go.
They can run a line along the outside the house, and through the wall (assuming thats the right wall), then can run a cable inside along the baseboards, etc.. but again not really what people want.

Unfortunately they are not able to do any fishing of lines through the house.  Likely due to liabilities, etc.
Which is why they recommended getting an electrician who is, to do it.

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